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Character Building | Matthew Cobalt (Part 1)

"You should keep going. Being Immortal ain't what it's, but the path forward will always bring you so much. Most importantly, never forget the the friends and colleagues. They'll always be with you."

- Matthew Cobalt, 1008 Y.S.T. (Years Since Transport)


Story and Character Outline (Before Transport):

Matthew Cobalt is a Male Human who had the rotten luck of being the "One in a Million, in a Million." He is one of a kind in his world who had the ability to utilize a form of energy that comes from the birth and entropy of worlds, giving him the ability to travel between world. Additionally he had the a larger than usual capacity to wield that energy, meaning he could travel "farther" than most in one trip.

This is where his story gets depressing. 

People like Matthew tended teleport themselves to a random world in the middle of a thought when they are living their 18th year. Most would usually return home once they think hard enough, but as Matthew was a scatter brain that had an almost Overactive Imagination, he had accidentally strand himself. Add to that the "distance" he traveled and the precision of thought needed to teleport to, he had essentially made himself an orphan without a way home.

This was where his Three Years Of Struggle truly began.


- Story Continuation in Part 2 -

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