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January 23rd

I am sincerely sorry that I missed yesterday.  I was talkin to my best friend Oliver over text message.

We talked about people and how sometimes helping out caused me to miss school work. It wont happen again.  

Today was uneventful. I was home.

Matt made a very unwarranted response to something I said though. He's always been like that. Pretentious as Hell. I don't like him. Nothing gives him any of the right to say any of the things he does. And yet he does anyway. Prick. 

I finished the math yesterday. It feels good not having to worry about any of that. Semester Two is going to be beautiful! 

I'll finish the final draft of the essay after I do my hair. I've been getting better at it so it shouldn't take too long. 

Anatomy midterm tomorrow and then normal school again! I'm so exited!  

I should go. 

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