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Pumpquat Industries

So I'm part of a collective/netlabel called Pumpquat Industries and it seemed like a good idea to write something about it here..

Pumpquat came about when a few of us who had been meeting up and jamming together switched to making tracks by sending files back and forth online at the start of the pandemic. Some of us make visual stuff as well as music, so we thought it would be clever to pool our abilities. We also thought that there's strength in numbers when it comes to doing promo.

So far we've put out seven new releases and "reissued" two albums (ie. added them to streaming platforms where they were only on Bandcamp before).

The new releases:
DJ James Naughty - On the question of motes... (2022)
Single inspired by what I can remember of my intentions and emotions when I first started making tunes.

LayQuiet - means EP (2022)

DJ James Naughty - Friend Concept EP (2021)
Abstract hip-hop. Collaboration with Billy Lubach. Remix from LayQuiet.

DJ James Naughty - Happy Eater / School Trip For Ghosts (2021)
Track 1: ambient. Track 2: lo-fi hiphop

DJ James Naughty - Distorted Glove EP (2021)
Mixture of styles.. Collaborations with Owen Sennitt and This Town's Finished!

DJ James Naughty - Abject Capers: Twenty-one Indefensible Wastes of Our Time (2020)
Lo-fi, eclectic, electronic

MPCXLII - EP1 (2020)
EDM of some sort, ambient. Full-length video here.

The reissues:
Owen Sennitt - Idle Hands (from 2018)
Solo electric guitar, shoegaze, blues

Owen Sennitt - Maybe I Had Seen Something (from 2019)
Solo acoustic guitar, blues, ambient

The links:
Complete catalogue playlist on Spotify
"Pumpquat and Friends" playlist on Spotify

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