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before you add!!

if u are homophobic/racist/pedo/trump supporter/terf DNI

if i see any hateful shi in my comments u will be blocked >:(


fair warning: my profile will always be a WIP bc i'm constantly changing it


feel free to message me abt anything, i'm always willing to give coding tips or try my best to help! i most likely won't message first, so if u wanna talk ur gonna have to DM first sorry (´-﹏-`;) i'm always editing my profile so i'm basically always online



nothing is really off limits as long as ur not a blatantly horrible person, i don't get offended easily. feel free to hit me w/ ur dark humor

my one rule is just don't be creepy, if ur here to hit on me or be sexual, i will ignore/block u


i promise i'm a p chill person lol i just wanna set some boudries yk? can't have any tomfoolery on here (`へ´*)ノ

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Yesh MeLord [vTUBER]

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Now I wanna make a rules post to keep the sus away

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can't have no sus on this good wholesome website (•̀o•́) (p.s. ur profile is super cool!)

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