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January 21st

Midterms started again today. I had the geometry one only, so I was at school today two hours earlier than I needed to be. I saw Jayson and Nicole in the cafeteria this morning like always. 

Our conversation was short, as I was a little late, but we discussed midterms and tests for different subjects and the like. One thing I did notice during this time, though, is that from across the room, Tally was staring for an absurd amount of time. it was strange, but I guess kind of understandable. I used to be friends with her group and now.. haha. 

Its funny how a bit of sophomore year of  high school changes things, isn't it?

I took the math midterm, it was not that hard save for the fact that I was in quite a considerable amount of pain for most of it. I took painkillers after so no worries! :)

When I got home, I discovered that there were e-mails sent to me and my dad about work I missed. He is giving me until Sunday to do it, which I most definitely will. Semester Two is a new start! No more forgetting about work! 

After that, I did some housework and my grandma dropped my sisters off and stayed for a bit. We discussed some town gossip and the like and then she was on her way. 

I finished the laundry at around 6, and we had pizza for dinner. Jimmy's was not taking orders for another hour, they get really busy Friday nights, so we had it from Mama Teresa's instead. 
It was delicious! 

I talked to an old friend for a couple of hours, just catching up. My middle school friend group is not faring well. They are all fake and hate each other, just as anyone can plainly see. 

It is 11:00 pm as I'm writing this. 
Goodnight everyone! 

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