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When you haven't been active for over a month 😩
I have been so busy, then I had to go and get sick for a couple of days. I'm okay-ish now tho.
The most that's happened is that I'm single now I guess. It was a mutual decision, but it still felt more like a "fuck you" to me. I've also had more time to think about myself and my sexual/romantic orientation without outside influences. I'd always had some inkling that I'm arospec, but because I've dated more people than I'm proud of, I figured I was demi or something. I was indeed wrong. Just like all the other times I was wrong in my previous entries 😂 but this time, I'm single and I don't have anyone influencing my thought process. 
I finally figured out that I'm Aromantic and Asexual. Specifically Oriented aroace. If I'd ever want any kind of relationship in the future, I think I'd prefer it'd be some kind of polyamorous QPR. That idea sounds so freaking cute and nice. But I'm giving myself ample time to get over whatever attraction I had for my most recent partner. I'm not sure yet how to fully explain how I felt but it was definitely strong feelings. I just need to research more about it.
Other than that life revelation, nothing has happened lmao. My life is pretty uneventful, but its nice to blog about it. It keeps my thoughts organized.

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