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January 20th

It was a snow day today, school was cancelled. 

I am not the happiest about this, because it means that midterm week is continuing into Monday but oh well. At least it's only one day. 

My youngest sister and I had a dentist appointment at 10:20 this morning. We could still make it because there honestly practically wasn't any snow at all, our dad later said "I bet the school feels really stupid now." lol. My town is so pretty when it snows, even just a little bit like today. I took some pictures and will attach them at the end! 

The dentist was fine. I only had one cavity and while I was waiting for my sister to be done I text messaged my cousin. Having a cousin like her who is the same age and in the same school is a blessing, she is truly amazing. I also messaged my friend Jayson to tell him they were playing Let it Go in the waiting room, because I am aware he hates the song and we like to mess with each other like that lol. I worry about him. More specifically I worry about something unsavory happening  to him at a point but I am getting very off topic here. 

After the dentist we stopped at the gas station near the cemetery and got some milkshakes, then went to McDonald's for some lunch. Not the best choice after cavity filling, I know haha. 

After the dentist we came home and I watched some TV. 
My cat is near me now. I love him with all my heart! He is adorable. 

After posting this I'll probably be doing some school work and then do some tidying up around the house. 

Oh! I nearly forgot! Here are the pictures! 
snowy road!  
passing the salon my grandma has been
going to forever! 

snowy shop!

Have a lovely afternoon! 
Yours truly, 

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