1/19/2022 | ISI.


so last week, i decided i was gonna show up to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th period, and then skip all the way until 8th.

very, very stupid idea.

i mean dont get me wrong... i did laps around the school, met up with a friend, and even did some online schoolwork... it was great,, until i got caught that is.

it happened after i met up with the friend, they were gonna go back to class and i was walking with them, and we walked past my 1st period... the teacher came out and asked if everything was okay,, and explained to me that ms. mcmullens (one of the disciplinary people at my school) was looking for me. apparently ms. mcmullens was searching for me, and called my 1-4 period teachers asking if i had showed up, called the school nurse to see if maybe i had gone there, and called the counselor. i explained to ms. cook (1st bell teacher) my situation (i had been having breakdowns and anxiety attacks in school for days in a row leading up to then) and i told her i just didn't feel like going to class. it was near the end of the 1st semester, so most of my classes weren't assigning any work in order for people could turn in missing assignments. she gave me a hug (which was odd but did make me feel a bit better) and then told me i should stop by ms. mcmullens' office so she knows i'm okay and can stop searching or whatever. well, i didn't.Β  Β i hid in a locker bay. LMAO. i hid in the bay for around 5 minutes before deciding i would go to a bathroom instead, as soon as i left the bay, and turned into a different hall.. guess who was in the same hallway heading my direction.. ms. mcmullens!! (right place, right time i guess) or my teacher had just called her and told her she saw me in that hallway. i dont really know.Β 

long story short, i got ISI, which i still haven't served..Β 

which isnt my fault, i skipped the entire day after i got caught (which was when i was supposed to serve my ISI) and the day after that... my school went virtual until the next week (i guess it was just luck). but i didn't have to serve my ISI until we got back,Β  which was Tuesday due to martin Luther king day. fast forward to Tuesday, my mom got a call that my school district had a snow day and we were off until Wednesday.

well,,,, fast forward to Wednesday, our school went virtual until next Monday. (i'm guessing it was once again just luck). i'm hoping i dont have to serve it, and if i do, i'm hoping it'll be after we come back on Monday, because this week is the start of semester 2 and i dont wanna miss the first in person day of the new semester schedule.

either way i'm just glad i haven't had to serve it yet lol


until next time, peace

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