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Well this is a problem which can not be solved that easily. We all should be aware by now combustion engine are a big contribution to climatchange. One of the biggest reasons Electric engines are taking off that fast. The problem here is that Electric cars do not actually solve the problem. Mainly the batteries to be precise, Lithium-ion batteries are still very CO² heavy and generally heavy on nature to produce and do not last much longer then 20years, so that 1 tone battery in each Electric car has to be replaced "regularly" and that will kill the used car market on Electric cars. Some combustion cars run on our streets 40 years with multiple different owners in them over time. When a Electric car batteries wears out the car us most likely thrown away then sold and as long as our Electric grid relays on fossil fuels to provide power its not green in any way to drive Electric.

The next problem is space, sure that might not be a problem on the country side it surely is in the cities, bigger highways, more parking lots and more streets in general are cluttering our world. An alien observer might think our world is populated by cars lol. Our cars stand around 95% of the time and are actually quite rarely. Some cities like Amsterdam tackle this problem by providing superior puplic transportation and amazing bike infrastructure but on the country side thats not an option, atleast not in the near future. We have to accept cars to be a privilege and ahould see them for the waist of materials and space and money they really are.

I understand that a lot of people do not have a other option, because there literally is no other option, but its not the climates fault, it the governments fault that you don't have a train from your village to the city or if there is such, to be way to expensive and overcrowded. It really is a mismanagement that must be fixed sooner then later. And no a fucking hyperloop or hover train is not the option. The best cost to use ratio are normal Trains on the countryside and a good tram grid in the city's. For all the areas which don't have such services should start with a usefull bus system till the rail grid is functional. As well as start building good cycling infrastructure. Seeing cities not even having walkways is a shame. 

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Another issue that will come to light soon is the charging infrastructure for electric cars doesn't exist... most shopping centers only have 1 or 2 charging stations for hundreds, if not thousands, of cars. And I highly doubt small towns have charging stations at all. I don't see how they can be adopted by the mass market until enough charging stations are built.

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