My Lasik Experience - Lengthy Read

Two months ago I had a lasik procedure, it did go well.  I didn't even think I'd be a candidate considering I was almost legally blind.  I was still thinking about getting it done but I did get a Care Credit card to cover it if I did.  They sent a letter to me saying if I showed them the letter I'd get $300 off the price.  So I bit the bullet and went ahead and booked it, since I was approved to have the time off to recover.  It was done Thursday, November 18th, and I was planning on coming back to work the following Monday.

It was back to back appointments.  Was kind of funny, people waiting and being very nervous and walking by to tell us it wasn't as bad.  They give you a 5mg valium, I couldn't tell a difference.  I don't use them or other prescription drugs.  They put the paper gown on (over your clothes) and put on a hair cap and a name tag on your shoulder.  And then apply the drops needed, even numbing ones.  They were VERY upbeat and talked you through everything that was going to happen while it happened.

They were very upfront and honest and said my left eye might never be as good as my right.

I lied down on the table and they get that machine right on your eye, no messing around.  They apply a device to hold open your eye, wasn't so bad.  I just didn't like the part where another device was held onto your eye.  The pressure was intense.   My left eye kept trying to blink through the device but, focusing on the blinking orange light did help distract me.  Didn't really panic, just hated the pressure on my eye before the zapping.

I did also look up videos on what was going to happen as well, it did help.  I'm someone who needs to know everything that's about to happen.  They talked me through all the steps, and it was about 15-20 minutes (my prescription was BAD)  They have you look at the big clock before they start and when they finish, and let me tell you...I could already READ the clock when I sat up.

I did have to rest my eyes for the first day, but I was so excited I watched tv for the first time in 27 years *with my sunglasses on-regular sunglasses, not clip ons* and was so happy.  

The next day however, I had a mild pain in my right eye, couldn't keep it open long so I just navigated with my left eye.  Turns out that my right cornea had many layers (like an onion I guess) and part was cut off.  They said the pain would fully heal by the next day, which it did.  Sunday night before my return to work, my bf took me on a night drive to see if I was fit to drive at night.  I was able to see and I was reading as many signs as I could.

I do go to the regular eye doctor for checkups, he's just concerned with the dry eyes.  I have to do drops many times a day.  And I have thicker gel drops for before bed.

Two months later I'm still doing very well, my left eye is still a bit fuzzier *still a lot better than before* but my right eye is incredible.  Still have to do eye drops but it's a small price to pay.  I have to get used to the fact that I can no longer have something close to my eyes to see it.  I don't do eye makeup day to day at work since I want to rub my eyes as little as possible.  But it was worth it, you won't know if you're a candidate unless you have a consultation.

My vision was 20/400 and now it's 20/25

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