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My visit to the Krogsta runestone

Back in early October me and my mom visited Krogstastenen not too far from where I live. It's a runestone from the 6th century with two one-word Proto-Norse inscriptions on the front and back sides, and on the front there is also a carving of a man holding his arms up. What the word on the front, "ᛗᚹᛊᛇᛖᛁᛃ" ("mwsïeij"), means is unknown, but the word on the back, "ᛊᛇᚨᛁᚾᚨᛉ" ("sïainaz" or "stainaz") probably means stone. The meaning of all of it together is of course not known.

I find it pretty cute. My personal (unqualified) guess is that it has some type of pagan religious meaning but who knows.

If you want to read more about it: 

The front of the runestone.

The back.

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Horal E. Davis

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pretty interesting little history behind it, also a very nice scenic background.

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Kat😎🍃💨🌞 's profile picture

That's so cool! I love the mystery, how nobody knows what it says. Also it looks so cute

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yeah i agree, it's very simple but still so interesting (and cute!)

by Nihilgorath; ; Report

Hamed M.

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wow, that's very interesting! I got to read more about it.

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awesome :)

by Nihilgorath; ; Report


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Har faktiskt inte läst om den eller ens sett den där irl, men måste säga att den verkar rätt spännande särskilt för att inget vet säkert vad ordet på framsidan betyder. Blir sugen på att studera runor och urnordiska samt fornnordiska!

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Visst är den? Jag kan absolut tänka mig att studera det också någon gång. Älskar forntida språk och arkeologi och all sånt där!

by Nihilgorath; ; Report