We have to treat each other kindly and with respect. If a person doesn’t want you near why force them. Only the real ones and in need of you are gonna go to you or come in your life. Even though for some people it isn’t the case to wait until someone feels attracted (not in a romantic type of way) to you. Don’t go around bothering people who don’t want to be near you unless it’s what your meant to do and if it works for you. But for the people who feel they have to get somebody’s attention for them to be notice don’t do it because there are gonna be those people who see in you what others don’t. Anyways this might sound like I’m rambling but if you know what I’m talking about then you know if you don’t you don’t and don’t let this affect you in anyway. Anyways I hope you guys have a blessed day or night. Luv ya and remember to treat others with respect. 🖤🖤🧿🖤🖤

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