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Concert For Ghosts, Excerpt Live Video Uploaded

I have uploaded a video featuring four songs from the Concert For Ghosts at Magasinet in Odense 2021. A special midnight performance during Corona lockdown open only to the dead and themed around songs about death, zombies, the afterlife, ghosts and so on. The concert - of course - begins with a bit of a seance for good measure. I'm flanked on stage by Marie Makaber and Olivia Obskur, both on extra vocals and synth. The four songs featured are Toys, Zombiesjæler, The Afterlife and Ghost In The Machine. The video can be found in the Video Section of my website - www.rasbolding.com - and is also up on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9WZZ6M2RYQ

See if you can spot any apparations hiding between the frames.

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