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Bored out of my mind

Started on the 3rd or 4th where we was diagnosed with Covid-19. I was in quarantined for 10 days but then on the 10th my brother, whom i live with, was diagnosed as well. 

The state put me on another 10 days. Might i mentioned that i am quarantined in a small room. Nothing to do. I don't game or do much. My life outside isnt much either. I just work and go home. A plus is that im drinking less. But OMG im so bored. I cant edit videos on this computer i have. But i can blog i guess. I can go on the normal social media and stuff so its not a total waste. I was a gift. 
Anyway. today was the first day i got dressed since before i was diagnosed. Which was the 2nd or 3rd. Weird. I have no where to go and nothing to do. Its like almost 130pm and ive been up for 3.5 hours and i feel like my whole week has gone by. Im trying to ''live in the moment'' and be thankful for the time off but its work that makes a day off so nice. 

I feel more lazy. My body is falling apart. Mentally i can not seem to get myself to do laundry. Started being able to drink coffee yesterday. And i thought it would help but it gave me more energy to do nothing faster. I dont know why im blogging this because its not like someone is going to read this. Maybe in few years or something i can go back and read these. I wish i could edit my videos again. If you are reading these, some of my videos are on my page. With the same ol HTML i borrowed from someone a year ago. But at least its snowing again so my flurries that  i have up are so relevant now. I wish i had my own place. Im still here like 4 months later. 

I hope they dont mind. I try to stay in my room as much as possible.


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