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It's not SpaceHey, it's you

I joined SpaceHey just before New Year, being bored and a little curious. Since then, I've seen several people claim "SpaceHey is dead", or something along those lines. Except... it's not. Lots of activity around here, really. You just have to go looking for it, because SpaceHey doesn't do bullshit "engagement" by sending you notifications for every little thing.

You also have to do stuff yourself. I mean, look at what I've been up to in only two weeks:
  • brought over a friend;
  • made a few more friends;
  • joined 7 groups;
  • posted in every single one of them;
  • posted in the forum as well;
  • commented on several blogs.
And hardly anyone responded to any of it. Yo, folks. What's up with that? Y'all expecting the social network to be social in your place?

I've seen this in another community as well, and I keep telling them the same thing: you gotta move, people! Look alive. The internet is what we make it. Literally. There's nothing else to it.

SpaceHey is part of the slow web. That's a good thing. Means you can take your time. Don't have to hit that Kudos button like a pigeon in a Skinner box. Just... you know... at some point.

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The slow web seems like exactly where I want to hang out - no engagement farming, obnoxious ads, attention contests or inane notifications.
I was a MySpace member in about 2005 until the site got nuked.
It was enjoyable and I got to meet several of my 'friends' in real life fairly quickly.

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So true. It is what you make it.

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I love this post! Spacehey is almost feels like an explorer game or something. You really have to go looking for the fun, hunt the forums to see what everyone is up to and browse the groups.

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There's no algorithm here, that's why we need to explore.

by Sofia Rina; ; Report


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I mostly made an account here just to see how MySpace was since I haven't used it back in the day, but I think going here is much rather convenient than staying in facebook in my opinion.

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Oh, definitely! It's nice here for a change.

by NosyCat; ; Report

The Big E

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We have been conditioned to expect everything to be spoonfed to us. That is the problem with other social media. It discourages genuine interaction and rewards shallow posts because the more content you post, the more "reacts" you receive, and that causes certain synapses in our brains to fire.

It's the equivalent of eating fast food compared to an organic meal. One tastes better in the short term, but the other is better for you in the long run.

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You nailed it. I'm an example of that. I used to like long-form blogging with lengthy discussions. Then I joined G+ (Google Plus), Facebook, then Twitter. Now I mainly do what I call vapid shitposting. It's partly fatigue, frustration, and laziness. I really need to redirect.

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Reading your call for activity, it reminds me of a huge dog-lover's group I admin on a closed (walled) social network (not FB). I emoji the posts in the group, prod the members to post things, and try to make it fun for them. It works sometimes. Activity in the group is good, and once in awhile I get a compliment.

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Good work! Yep, that's the way to go, pretty much.

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I like these explanations of the slow web. I'm also liking trying out spacehey. And, you pointed out what seems to be a good Mastodon instance I can use.

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Glad I could be of help!

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