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glaive and his music

As some (probably not all) may know the 16-year old artist going by the name of 'glaive'. For people who do not know him, I shall give an introduction. 

Glaive is a 19-year old singer, rapper, and much more. He is from Florida, born Jan. 20, 2005. 
His music is very unique, as you could probably tell from most of his tweets, posts and interviews; he doesn't label his music as 'hyperpop' simply because.. it isn't hyperpop. Hyperpop is futuristic pop music, which his is not anywhere close to that. He has been set into his own genre and doesn't like labels, which makes more sense than someone else labeling it for him. He has outstanding vocabulary in his lyrics and it stunned me (in a good way). He has an amazing voice, considering for how old he is. He is very talented; also considering his age. Enough with the genre topic though, let's get into the real stuff. Ash Gutierrez, known professionally as glaive, coming from Henderson, NC, has some big ideas. What are those big ideas? Simple. Music. Music has been his dream since he was a little kid and he is successfully fulfilling those dreams.

Some may have heard of his song called, 'astrid'. The song got over 1.8M views on YouTube, which was a huge surprise to him and basically started his WHOLE career. Not whole, but most (I would assume). The girl in the video was Xowie Jones, which I think in the music video, she portrayed as 'Astrid'. Simply because, nobody knows who Astrid was? Anyway, leading back to glaive.. he's a really talented artist, which I've said once before. He has done features with artists, such as, Ericdoa, p4rkr, Kassgocrazy, aldn and many many more. Glaive has also released an album called, "Then I'll Be Happy", featuring Ericdoa and Glaive. There are songs in the album such as : heather, naturale, pretending, handle me, mental anguish, physs, cloak n dagger, and f*ck this town. He also has other albums called, 'Cypress Grove' and 'all dogs go to heaven'. He also has singles, such as : prick, life is pain, arsenic, i wanna slam my head against the wall, what was the last thing u said (featuring aldn) and much more. 

That's all the information I'll be giving about glaive for right now, but as of this moment; I am tired and will be heading to bed now. Goodnight.

Extra info :


ill link some of his music down below if youre interested but for now, thats all, adios <3

link 1 :
link 2 :
link 3 :
link 4 :
link 5 :

have any questions? contact me on my socials 
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YouTube Link :

Thanks for reading, love u <3


he has released many new songs, such as "i will follow you into the dark", which is a Spotify single. he also has another song called, "three wheels and it still drives!" which was released just recently. a little while ago.. he released "old dogs, new tricks" which is an album that was made a bit ago ( honestly just forgot to include it ), he has MANY more songs. i have included many of them. 

anyway, thats it (for now) see youu!!

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