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My Life as a Teenage Robot (personal blog)

Even though I said in my profile that I wouldn't do any personal blogging, I've found that that means I hardly ever use this site. Shocking discovery, to be sure. So as a result, I guess it wouldn't hurt to occasionally blog.

I've been reminded of the old Nickelodean show My Life as a Teenage Robot. I really liked it as a kid, so feeling nostalgic, I decided I'd see if I could watch it online (for free of course). Sadly that's not an option unless I want to pirate it, and I don't pirate Western media just to spare myself of getting that menacing, flaccid letter the vile media conglomerates send you to try and scare you. If I'm going to pay money for this show anyways, I want to own it.

Unfortunately, the show is apparently an obscure one nowadays, since I'm having trouble finding DVDs online. Or maybe the Brave search engine isn't good for nostlagia shopping? In any case, I'm going to try and find all three seasons at a brick and mortar store. They should be cheap if I do manage to find them. I'd rather not buy from eBay, but I might have to and just hope that the seller is being honest about their listing. 

UPDATE: I decided I might as well check eBay and Amazon first just to see what I can expect to pay, if nothing else. And I can only find season two! What in the world!? I could understand every season being sold out, but why is only season two still available? Well, it's a start. I should snatch it while I can.

The teenage robot of the show.

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