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"Hello World" (My uncreative blog post title)

Man oh man, SpaceHey is my space .. like not MySpace by my space. This feels like my new home :).

I feel as if I can never be myself anymore on other social networks because you kind of build up this persona overtime and trap yourself in a bubble so to speak.

For example:

  • Instagram - If you scroll through there, it's just pictures of myself, fam and my cats. I could never really nerd out and talk about tech or video games.
  • Twitter - I only post about what I'm building and tech. It feels out of place to talk about anything else since I started with that persona. I kind-of need to keep it up since I do want to have like-minds in my following.
  • Facebook - I, like many others see Facebook as 2 things now: 1 - to login to other websites when I am lazy and 2 - for family. That's it.
  • Linkedin - I don't even bother because well I am "professional" all day at work, I don't want to do that outside of work too.
Overall, I am looking forward to all that SpaceHey brings and I wish so much success to the platform!

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I feel the same: I won't post too much on twitter because, well it's twitter. On reddit ? That's a social network where you share pictures (and maybe discuss about niche topics). Facebook ? It's full of people I don't talk to anymore and where I'm afraid to talk. I have a discord server with internet friends, but that's all.

And now there's spacehey, where I can post anything and people may enjoy it!

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