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Politics in black metal

I decided to write a short blog about why Flesh Of Tituba will never be a political band. Politics has always been deeply rooted in black metal and often controversial mostly the nsbm side of things however their is a strong extreme left faction (rabm). I have respect for both factions because of the passion and how strongly these artists feel about what they are creating, music that to them it has true meaning and it shows in what they do if you feel strongly enough about something it will show in your art. I personally listen more to nsbm because I find these bands more traditional black metal and have stronger riffs than the crust punk influenced rabm. I believe you can enjoy art without 100% relating and agreeing with the artist maybe you don't agree which is fine because as I said you don't have to agree with everyone's opinions and point of views. The reason Flesh Of Tituba will never be a political band is because I no longer care enough about politics in my country to write songs about it the politician's in my country no longer seem to care about politics anymore rather they just play politics in order to get paid by us the tax payer. If Flesh Of Tituba became a political band it would not be genuine whatever you think about these other bands political views they are putting out genuine music which is probably why it's such a controversial topic.

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