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hello u peepos of spacehey

i return to here once more, at last.

i havent wrote a blogpost in forever, really i feel like after the death of myspace93 i lost any motivation to be active in this kind of social media... it doesnt feel the same

but!! im willing to give it another try.

how have you all been doing? hopefully ok...

ive been under the crushing grip of the end of the semester, and flu has not been kind to me either but thats alright

been listening to some cool stuff lately, the new beach house album, faith in persona by dds (aoty fr), some other stuff idk//

slowly listening to all of the back catalog of internet label tasty morsels which i have been obsessing over

what have you been listening to.. whats ur album of the year.send reccs

also should i post a selfie? i had a bunch posted on my mspace93 but then when they archived it it locked on some embarrassing ones without ability to edit.. :/

im learning to embrace older photos (slowly)

anyways ttyl

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Life (2016) by KNOWER!!! top tracks: Die Right Now, The Government Knows, Overtime [band ver]

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their older stuff from 2010 are also dimension-breaking bangers,
these are on youtube only so imma put em here

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the plok beach theme is absolutely amazing. there isn't a word that can describe how much i like it. listen to it here.

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tim follin is great!!

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