The White Fever movie, comic and book

The White Fever movie, comic and book.. by Marcos Tafoya; 
Illustrated, edited, produced, filmed, audio score cast by many Denver artists but scored by Travis Burns

Once upon a time in (2010) an artist by the name of Marcos Tafoya approached me at a random “Primer Dome”, Denver party, where I was working doing live art and video shooting, and he asked if I could help him create a film about his art, his book and a film idea he had about a project he calls "The White Fever". Challenged but willing to help I hear his ideas and thought interesting, and decided to help the man, with his project. He expressed his dreams, thoughts and desires for the film, and it was interesting, and I liked his ideas despite being dark, dreary and semi-scary. Wow what a mistake I made, to help someone artistically takes a lot, and I am not some major production company by any means, this film took me an entire year by myself to create, and it cost me several hardships, even regrets which I hold regrettably to this day. I am just a visual artist and audio/video production animation artist which ultimately set out to help other artists, but every time I do, it backfires and debilitates me, and it's not like I'm trying to gain much from helping others. I'm not looking to get rich, not looking for any real claims to fame, just the fact that I want to help others and the ability to do so is thanks enough. But time after time I stretch out on a limb to help society and I ultimately get screwed over for it. 
In this instance, Marcos did try to work with me, and I tried to work with him, but time after time with trying to work with him, he constantly refers back to the law, the US government and his ties to it, which makes me not want to work with him, makes me want to ignore him completely and makes him a blacklisted person on my personal list. It has become such a matter, that he has become a stalker. Since I have tried to distance myself from this person, he has tried to harass me, my wife and my family constantly about the film since 2015 timeframe. He has come to my wife’s work over 10 different times, stalking asking and questioning my wife about my where abouts, what I’m doing in my life personally and it’s not only very offensive, but has hurt me greatly and emotionally, enough for me to cast doubt on all other people and their intentions, when it comes to dealing with others at all. I will most likely never work for anyone else ever again just because of this one scenario. If anyone ever asked me to make them a film, I don’t care who it is I’d tell them to get lost. I do still love photo and video but I’m only using those talents to promote my music now.
I started out filming “The White Fever” in Denver, Colorado back in 2010. After a serious instance of a near death sailing experience I had on the east coast in North Carolina with my father in December 2009, I came back to Colorado and meet up with several musician friends, and that when I meet Marcos and he asked me to create his film for him. Over the period of several months, and Marcos graciously purchasing a small movie camera online, and I got to work making him movie. I asked for him to do couple simple, but main things to make his movie possible and he barely did these things to help out his own project. Especially after purchasing a movie camera which cost a little over $1200 possibly, I don’t remember the initial cost but I purchased the camera, shot the film and released it to youtube all for under $2,000 a virtual steal, and basically the lowest dirt cheap price anyone could possibly get a movie made for and I have been accosted for it basically since I released it for free for people to watch since Marcos, failed to complete the main task in the production of this movie from the get go, and that was to compile the written word dialog for the movie. I as the production content creator did it all and I seriously mean I did it all. All he had to do is one show up and provide his dream and ideas, two compile those ideas into a written dialog between characters in his dream sequence stories. Three show up for his movie shots to be in. 
Now the Movie itself, is basically a music video because the main and most important part of the film, the dialog between characters never got written by Marcos, and I was never allowed to add that content to the film and he himself did at one point gave me the okay to clear the film as a music video version, and as a comic book version of the film which were all released for free online. 
The comic book version of the movie was to be released by several online production companies such as Amazon books and MAgcloud and a couple copies were sold and released, but NO major amount of comic book copies were ever released and all online distribution of any, and all copies of the movie, the comic, the title or anything else including the music titles from the films, at least by me Travis Burns have been halted. I can not tell a reseller company to stop selling a book which was sold to them by someone else after they purchase it. What I’m trying to say is, I as the author of a phot comic book once sold and released by amazon and sold to someone, I can’t tell some online used book company to halt sales of a used book, despite me being the author of that book or not. I have no rights to that book once it’s sold to the world. So, now year after year Marcos writes to me getting me to remove copies of the comic book version of this book which I simply do not have the power to do myself. And it’s not like I haven’t asked these companies to remove the content because I have. I removed the so-called move from youtube, so NOBODY could ever watch it, I removed the comic book so NOBODY could ever purchase it, and I tried to stop speaking with Marcos to just squash this shit so it would just stop being an issue at all. My over intention was that if any money was ever made from the movie “The White Fever”, including comic book versions or any other type of released version, Marcos and I would have shared those benefits 50/50, and well I never made any money off of the film, many amazon did from the less than 10 copies of the comic which they ever sold but nobody can ever produce any new copies, so to me this is all pointless and water under the bridge but must be said because EVERYONE from Colorado is incompetent including Marcos Tafoya and that includes myself as well. So bro, just calling it out for what it is.  
But Marcos, is unrelenting, he is constantly showing up to the place of work of my wife which is a thrift store, constantly harassing her at work, constantly asking about myself, the movie, referring to legal action against me, referring to suing me and making baseless threats, even saying about a month ago to my wife that I have been pardoned by him and the mayor of Denver. Give me a break, I work harder than most people, I don’t need acceptance or forgiveness from Marcos, Denver, it’s bullshit government or any of the poshtards from Capital Hill.
I went out on so many limbs to one create this film, to get these artist music works together such as Chris the costume and make up artist and scene production guy, who worked for minimal amount of money, to use his costumes and acting talent, puppetry, his garage, his time and artistic effort. Seriously, good luck getting all these talents for basically free so artists can help support artists. Then to Russell and his girlfriend who not only participated as an actor but did that acting and make up work absolutely for free. Their expenses alone was well over the top and we got that basically for nothing. Also, Ezra and Lilly, both two other actor/actress, which showed up on a location spot in a motorcycle junkyard in South Denver, again location and actors time and everything, given to Marcos for free. The musicians, I collected, I put together many, over 12 different music acts together, shamefully none of them got paid, I couldn’t pay not one of them and I wanted to do so. All of them unpaid, unrecognized for their works, I of course listed them in the film and anywhere I could possibly give them credit. All, of these events were basically cost free, while in Hollywood, the expenses would have been through the roof.
I even spent time in jail for trying to shoot footage for this movie, the footage was taken and destroyed by the Denver Police Department and the camera was held hostage. My lawyer had to get the camera released and the reason the footage was destroyed was because I was shooting the film footage at a small party in Rino district Denver, it turns out that the neighbors net door to the party were upset that the DJ production company didn’t invite them or they were being too loud, the warehouse party staff was serving drinks illegally, I the videographer, my job was to project video which I did, and to video record the party which I did as well as shoot video of the DJ’s on stage at the art show. I admit I had a drink of alcohol and I drank my drink while I was video taping the event. But by 1030pm the party was being raided by Denver police, and they of course could arrest the only person at the event who refused to stop videotaping the event which was me. The police told me to stop videotaping and I refused so they tackled me and stole my camera and threw me into jail on bullshit charges while they stole and deleted the footage I captured of the police breaking the law by beating up the dj’s of an event where everyone was of legal drinking age. The police tried to pin a bunch of bullshit charges on me but all of got dropped and my lawyer forced the pigs to give me my video camera back minus the entire movie’s footage for two months. Discouraged, but willing to continue the movie production I pushed. And after being released from jail, court and false charges I despite Marcos never giving me the actual written dialog I needed to finalize his movie, from Wazee Union Art Studios in Denver I finished the movie and uploaded it as a music only version. By the end of 2010, I decided to move from Denver to Seattle, because ultimately this place is nothing but a vortex of bad luck because of (Karens like) Marcos. And this bad luck resurfaced when I returned to my home state of Colorado by 2015.
During the time I was leaving Colorado at the end of 2010 I insisted on finishing the film as a music only youtube version and by 2011 it was online for people to see and enjoy.. and several people did love the film, they liked it and they thought it was cool. Despite how terrible of an actor Marcos is on film, and his inability to produce the spoken dialect of the entire film, it still was a favorable short artist movie which featured several great music acts and it was fun to work with the entire cast and crew of the film including Marcos. But since Marcos, “had surgery and had his identical twin removed from his brain”, no joke he said this to my wife in front of her co-workers. Since I had to excommunicate myself from the situation and Marcos became a stalker, I see no reason to reproduce the film, release any of the film music, or ever let the film see the light of day ever again. If anyone ever did get a burned dvd, or ever did purchase a copy of the comic book or anything from the film, essentially those items are rare and will never be produced. Maybe they will actually be worth watching after I die.
May the Earth Burn for Eternity in Hell,
Sincerely Travis Burns 

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