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1/6 Photo Blog (Meeting Friends at a Diner)

I've been swamped from early December to a few days after new years because of work getting hectic during the holidays, but life has slowed down and I've had time recently to meet up with friends and hang out. Our friend Ohlon invited Kuro and I to a favorite diner around his house. Kuro invited me to carpool with him, and we arrived a bit early. We had a drink while waiting for him.

We were a little buzzed when Ohlon got around, but he didn't mind that we started without him. We all shared how our time was spent during the holidays.

Kuro flew out of the country to see distant family for the holidays, and he mentioned how looking at his childhood home gave him flashbacks to when he was a kid. He shared how it was a little overwhelming to experience a bunch of memories he wasn't prepared for. He also shared that his mom bothered him by asking a few times when is he getting a girlfriend lmao.

Ohlon told us about how his family business is going, during the holidays he worked around the clock making beef jerky for his family to mail out to clients and how he smelled like beef jerky for a week. He also mentioned that he got random compliments from strangers telling him that he smelled good, and that he didn't know how to feel about that. I told him that beef jerky cologne might be his next big business to pursue.

after a certain point though I got pretty blasted on the beer and I kinda forgot what we talked, it was a mistake drinking five beers when everyone else had two lol.

Ohlon had to go back though to work on his business, last thing he wanted to do was show off his cool new bike that he made from his business sales. Kuro and I were pretty impressed with how it looked, it's a sweet ride. We waved as he drove in the sunset, and then Kuro gave me a drive home. Hanging out was pretty cool up until I had to pee really badly half way through the drive, I swear I'm not drinking that much again for a while.

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