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crown chakra

💭 the Sahasrara, or crown chakra, is located at the top of the head. it is associated with the divine circle and 1,000 petal lotus, the element of thought (or no element), and the color violet or white. it is responsible for consciousness, enlightenment, divine connection, and realization. 💭

💭 an imbalanced crown chakra can cause hopelessness, cynicism, selfishness, disconnection from self and the world, materialism, poor focus, apathy, lack of meaning, and spiritual crisis. unblock and balance the crown chakra by practicing yoga and meditation, practicing intentional stillness, connecting with silence, fasting, and journaling with stream-of-consciousness "brain dumps". 💭


✺ i am connected to the universe and everything around me.

✺ i honor my spirit.

✺ i have access to wisdom and peace.

✺ i know i serve a higher purpose.

✺ i am infinite and boundless.

✺ i am divinely protected, inspired, and guided by the universe.

✺ i am love, i am light, i am connected to all.

✺ my spiritual insight is clear.

✺ i see the divine light in everyone.

✺ i am significant.

✺ i am an extension of the universe.

✺ the universe is kind and loving.

✺ i know my spiritual truth.

✺ limiting beliefs have no hold on me.

✺ i am one with the present moment.

✺ i open myself to enlightenment.

✺ my experiences are blissful and nourish my spirit.

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