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third eye chakra

πŸ•‰ the Ajna, or third eye chakra, is located in the center of the forehead. it is associated with the two petal lotus flower and upside down triangle, the light element, and the color indigo or purple. it is responsible for intuition, vision, dreams, manifestation, awareness, and psychic perception. πŸ•‰

πŸ•‰ an imbalanced third eye chakra can cause dull memory, cynicism, poor focus, disconnect from reality, lack of clarity, delusions, and lack of goals and motivation. unblock and balance the third eye chakra by practicing yoga, connecting to spirituality, meditation, expanding your horizons and perspectives, dream journaling, and mindfulness. πŸ•‰


𓁹 i honor and trust my intuition.

𓁹 i have clarity and peace of mind.

𓁹 i am connected to the universe.

𓁹 i am connected to my higher self.

𓁹 i am insightful.

𓁹 i trust my decisions.

𓁹 i am receptive to inward and outward wisdom.

𓁹 i clearly visualise my goals.

𓁹 my mind is strong and open.

𓁹 i can manifest my vision.

𓁹 i trust and allow theΒ 

universe to guide me.

𓁹 i release doubt, and embrace faith.

𓁹 i am brilliant, bold, and creative.

𓁹 all that i seek i can find within.

𓁹 i open myself to dreams and visions.

𓁹 i am trusting and open-minded.

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