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lesser known/obscure band recs <3

quick list of cool bands yall should check out ^_^ will update this as i find more bands so check back often <3

format :)
album link: 

band: miphix
status: semi-active? they rereleased their old music but it doesn't look like anything new will be out soon
genre: nu metal
album link: liquid measures

band: tapping the vein
status: inactive
genre: industrial rock
album link: the damage

band: bad mary
status: active
genre: glam punk (glunk for short thanks to an anonymous message on my site's guestbook)

band: sevi
status: active
genre: hard rock
album link: what lies beyond

band: eths
status: semi-inactive (disbanded a few years ago, were going to play at hellfest 2023 but cancelled, might do something in the future???)
genre: nu/extreme metal
album link: soma

band: kells
status: inactive
genre: symphonic nu metal if that makes sense
album link: lueurs (has a song ft. the first singer in eths!)

band: mypollux
status: inactive
genre: nu metal/power pop(apparently??)
album link: contraires

band: renegades of fate
status: ??? (ep slated for 2020 but never released)
genre: alt metal
song link: american reality

band: between the second
status: inactive with most of their discography lost
genre: uhh... y'know how evanescence used to sound like before fallen? it's that mixed with tapping the vein. i even heard that two former ev members worked with them?
song link: beautiful sight

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