The rogans pt1

The Rogans

Archer had entered the room. He hadnt expected to be in this paticular building, the one on the last block, in a city he had no knowledge of before. Archers shoulder length black hair was dripping wet from the rain outside. He took off his black brimmed top hat and placed it in his hand as he entered respectively. he ran his hand through his hair trying to get the water out of it so as not to make a puddle. His black long coat was equally wet from the rain as well as his boots. he took his coat off placing it in his arms. The room he entered was lit with candles. he looked up amazed that the chandelier was lit. he took a seat at the long table. He noticed the people their were arguing. 'This is not the pub nor an inn.' he thought quietly. 

"I cant believe you would do such a thing!" screamed what looked to be the head of the group. 'the queen perhaps?' thought archer. 
"me? i did nothing it was all him! keep him away from me, keep him away from all of us and we would be fine!" screamed one of the women at the table.
Archer sat beside the quietist of the women. he counted 4 young women and 1 older woman. as he did he caught a glimpse of himself in a mirror. his black tunic was soaked. he sighed quietly as he noticed he was wet regardless due to the heavy rain.

"We have a guest we shall continue this later!" exclaimed the queen. 'Must be a quarrel amongst a proposed marriage ordeal.' thought archer to himself. the head of the family looked over the table at archer. "new comer state your business and your name please."
Archer rose from his seat. " My name is Archer Rogan, my business is free spirited. I bare no danger or threat to you or your people. I thought this was the inn." 
The nearest woman looked at him. " your free sir archer?" Archer nodded and extended his hand to the woman. "archer ma'am." she looked at his hand and met his gaze. her green eyes practically smiled at him. she shook his hand "Raiine, sir Archer." archer smiled and nodded but didnt drop his gaze from hers. "Well sir archer, well well well, we havent seen any travelers in awhile. We arent exactly on a path between towns. Please feel free to eat, rest, do what you will just please obey our laws and enjoy your stay. We will take care of any wary traveler." said the queen.
Archer took notice the queens brown robes and crown. the entangled wire around her forehead that crowned it perfectly. the way the queen shook her blonde hair seemed almost as powerful as her voice. full of authority. the room archer now took notice of, was full of knights. one in particular had his helmet off. the captain thought archer.
The young women all had what seemed to be royal robes as well. The queens daughters he thought. "I am queen laura." Archer nodded and took his gaze away from the room. "Thank you ma'am. its a nice place you have here. I like it already." He smirked and looked at raiine who in turn just blushed. He sat down and looked back towards the family. "archer would you like a maidens room or one of the royal chambers?" Raiine asked. "which ever is easier for you princess, I am not a particular person. I would just like a place to lay if thats alright." replied archer.

" Then please Sir archer follow me." he grabbed his clothes and followed Raiine out of the room. They walked through many halls. the halls were filled with paintings of raiines ancestors. many of which looked like hero paintings of great accomplishments. they made their way to a door. 
"well sir archer this is the royal's room you will be staying in. Its right across the room from mine so if you need anything just knock and we will see what we can do. It was my fathers old room. He has long passed on though." explained Raiine. archer nodded and took her hand in his and kissed it sweetly. Raiines face turned a bright red. Archer made a mental note of what she looked like. Bright blonde hair. her black tunic seen under her robe from the opening of the robe she had. Black leather pants for fighting in, partly concealed. her black boots didnt make much noise. archer concluded his notation. 'shes beautiful.'
"well goodnight sir archer." she smiled still blushing. 
"goodnight as to you princess raiine." Archer blew out the candles in his room and took off his boots and placing his jacket near the fire place to dry. the fire blazing warmly on the rainy night. he saw something through the bedroom windows, the storm raging outside. his room looked secured. hard stone walls and sturdy wooden doors. a cabinet to hang clothes in sat opposite his bed. Archer layed on the bed and thought about his journey. His losses, his wins, and the battles he ran from. The loss of his family. Everyone he had known said the fire that took his families lives was an accident but something didnt add up to archer. His mother, his father...his brother wasnt killed in the fire. They were put under the care of 2 adults who wanted kids. Because the woman couldnt bare children they adopted archer and his brother whos name is seth. 
Seth later left archer to go off to war. Archer sighed softly. "Seth you never came back for me like you promised." Archer remembered how his brother said hed always be there for him but where was Seth before Archer left? Archer shook his head. " I am the only one of my family still alive." There came a loud boom outside the windows followed by a flash of lightening. Archer thought it odd that he heard the lightening before he saw it. He laid there watching the storm outside. The door to his room quietly opened and closed. Archer was half asleep when his intruder came in. 
"archer are you still awake?" came a whisper through the darkness. His eyes were closing before he even registered the intruders voice. Raiine looked at him. "Oh archer your so tired." she whispered quietly to herself. another crackle of thunder then the lightening came. Raiine jumped at the crash and bumped into the table beside the bed. Archer bolted up from his sleep, a dagger pulled from his sheath on his belt. "who goes there?" he said outloud.
"Archer its me raiine. The storm kept me awake and i was wondering if you were awake as well. Im sorry i didnt mean to wake you." she explained. 
Archer put his dagger away. "tis ok princess. I was just nodding off. 
raiine smiled in the darkness. "Uhm sir archer may i lay with you and talk till the storm passes?"
Archer pondered the thought and kept the dagger on his belt. "of course princess." 
the princess laid beside her new friend. another loud boom and a flash of lightening. raiine threw her arm around her new friends waist and buried her face in his chest. 
" im sorry i do not like this storm. something about it isnt right." Archer smiled,
"its ok princess ill protect you if you wish." The princess smiled softly. "You are a brave man sir archer." 
Her hand slipped under his tunic and she felt his cool muscles. she let out a breath she hadnt realized she was holding. archers pulse quickened. she noticed it too. 
archers teeth began to grow. fangs protruding out from the corners of his mouth, just peeking out. he knew he couldnt let these good people know that he was different. part vampire. raiine moved her hand up to his chest sweetly. " your well fit sir archer. must be a fighter." Archer smirked, "well thank you princess i feel as if i need to be at times."
She smiled feeling his upper body. there was another crackle of thunder and a flash of lightening. she pressed her body to his. he laid there holding her softly with an arm around her waist. he kissed the top of her head but neither of them had heard the door open as the queen walked in.
"Sir archer there is a storm comming i mu- what is this?" She exclaimed as the candle light hit both archer and raiines faces. "explain right now please!"
"well your heiness, she is scared and came to me due to the storm I-." The queen grabbed raiine and threw her away from archer.
"raiine are you serious or mental? you just met this man.!" raiine grew very annoyed with her mother. 
" I like him mother hes sweet, and I just feel like theres an attraction i cant ignore im not sure why though." 
" I realize that hunny but what does he want is my point." the queen explained.
" i love you dear daughter just you need to be careful. what if he was going to kill you." 
Raiine grew more annoyed. "he was hardly touching me mother." she looked down feeling insecure about herself. 
"I have my eyes on you both. you may be with him if you so choose." the queen had said. 
"Thank you mother!" exclaimed raiine. she hugged her mother tightly. Before laura could say more to her daughter raiine returned to be with archer. she laid beside him and returned her hands to his chest. archer slept as he held her close. they slept in and only woke when the light of the morning hit their faces. 

Archer was first to wake. he was tired the previous night that he forgot where he was. he looked down and found raiine sleeping on his chest. his shirt was around his neck. he stroked her hair as the memories came back to him. his teeth had gone back into his mouth. he thanked the goddesses that nobody had noticed. he watched her sleep and after a few minutes she too started to wake up. she opened her eyes slowly. "good morning sir archer." she whispered. he smiled and replied back "morning smiley." without saying another word slowly they got up. " i must go see my mother but while im gone i can get the guards to escourt you around town if youd like to see it." said raiine.
archer nodded. " i would like that."

Raiine left archer with the captain and his first in command. " I see the princess fancies you sir archer." Said the captain of the guards. archer nodded. " she is very unique...i fancy her as well." they were walking past a blacksmith shop. the blacksmith looked over at them as they passed and waved a silver blade towards the captain. the captain waved back. "thats smithee hes the local smither here. makes all our swords. even the-" as the captain was finishing his sentence they heard a commotion from up ahead. A scream rang out.

A woman in her mid 20's ran out of her house. her white dress was covered in blood near her feet. "GUARDS!" screamed the captain. quickly 4 guards were on the scene. one took the woman and tried consoling her. the captain and archer entered the house. archer had his hand on a dagger. the scene was very grotesque. the walls were painted red with blood. entrails of a body were spun about as if someone was ripped apart and used to paint the walls themselves. in the blood was a message: 'come out and play little brother, i found it at last!' archer stumbled and fell over.

"i know that saying...but its impossible...where, how could it be that those very words be written on the walls of this house of all places?" exclaimed archer.
"what are you going on about sir archer? lets get you back to the castle."
Archer struggled as 2 guards picked him off the ground and helped him to his feet. "we need to get to the queen about this, its happened again." said the first in command guard. they ran to the castle and quickly the captain went to the queen. 
"Due to recent events we must discuss the situation." The queen commanded as they all sat at the royal table.
"we must not let this go any other. there has been to many murders like this. we can not let this go ."
Archer listened intently. "m'lady he left a message this time. ' come out and play little brother, i found it at last!' was left in blood on the walls." the captain explained.
"then we hand him his brother and let them figure out their family issues. i want this kingdom safe from evil." exlaimed the queen.
Archer sunk in his chair and grew numb knowing he was going to have to keep his identity a secret for now. 
"guards i want patrols in the city for the next few days. we must watch out for our people." the queen commanded.
"affirmative!" the guards all sounded off.
archer watched as the guards and the royal family agreed, and disagreed on some other issues. he lost track of what they were saying as he pondered his next plan of action. keep low and hope that he miss-read the message. perhaps it was some maniac. he slowly started remembering something from his past...

"Little brother, im about to leave where are you?" Archer heard his brother seth calling and ran to him.
"seth why do you have to go? the house is going to be so quiet and boring without you." seth laughed. "oh little brother ill be home before you know it." as seth said this he took off his dragon tablet necklace with the dragon painted on it and placed it around his brothers neck. " i love you little brother and ill see you when i get home. if not then ill just ask you to come out and play." he said while laughing. archer smiled a little. " i love you too seth just come home soon and stay safe." he hugged his brother and watched as seth left...

that was the last time he had seen his brother. everyone said war changed him on his way home and he just went missing. archer got out of his head and looked around.
"protect the people for now and try to find this brother, then deal with both of them." the queen rose from the head of the table. "dismissed!" she declared. 
the guards started to disperse as archer got up and started walking out of the room he had met them all in. he walked through the halls quickly till he came to his room. quietly he opened the door and stepped in. he shut the door just as quietly and layed in his bed. his eyes slowly closed and another memory surfaced in his head...

"Seth i did it!" archer screamed. he ran up to his brother and held up a fish. "good job little brother i sadly havent got anything." seth looked down. "ill share it with you seth after all we are brothers and that means family." seth smiled at his little brother. "thank you little brother after we eat come out and play some more ok?" archer laughed. "youll be inside so i wont need to come out." archer winked. " i know but i wont always be in." seths expression grew a little cold. ..

Archers door closed and he opened his eyes. "greetings archer." archer looked to see who had intruded on him. He saw the queen in the doorway. 
"many greetings your heiness but the princess isnt here im afraid." archer looked around wondering what was going on. confused as to why the queen would be in his room. 
"i know i wanted to talk to you actually." archer noticed the odd way she had said it as if it was some secret. 
"well what can i help you with your majesty?"
the queen seemed to tower over him as he laid on the bed. "stay away from my daughter or else." before archer could say anything she opened the door and left. Archer laid there and shrugged it off. 

another storm was coming. archer could hear it from afar. his keen sense of hearing was greater then most humans. his eyes stated to close and he opened them quickly as he sensed another presence. raiine laid down beside him and snuggled up close. slowly she kissed his lips. he kissed hers back slowly. his arms sliding around her waist. "good evening princess." she smiled in the darkness and slid her hands over his muscles. his shirt was over his head before he knew it. His eyes quickly changed to a bright green but the princess couldnt see it in the darkness. before long they were both without clothes. "make love to me archer." she whispered quietly. archer nodded and very slowly got ontop of her. slowly they made love to eachother consummating their love...

Archer woke up and the princess was gone. he pulled on his pants and sat at the edge of his bed. " she came to me archer." the storm purged loudly outside as the queen stood near the door. 
"i told you not to see her or else." in the darkness he heard a blade un-sheath. he moved just as it landed where he was. archer jumped off his bed. "are you trying to kill me your heiness?" the queen laughed. " i told you to stay away dear boy. how you knew about the blade i carry or that i tried stabbing you im not sure. but my daughter will not be with some stranger from the streets!" with those words she lunged at him again. he grabbed her arm and pushed her to the side nearly getting stabbed. 
"your heiness please let me speak." archer begged.
"no time for that. you refused to listen to me now you will die." the queen said. she grabbed his arm and pulled him close. she drew back her fist and smacked him across the face. archer hardly felt it but played along as if he did. he shrugged it off. quickly he looked towards the fire place for his jacket. just as he went to grab it he felt a pang in his chest. Where his heart is a hilt of a dagger was now. He fell to the floor onto his back. the pain in his chest flooded his mind. blood pooled around him. 
"no more stranger." the queen whispered. she turned towards the window as the storm surged. the window shattered into little bits as a figure glided through the fragments.
"leave the man be!" said the figure.
Archer looked up and tried to see the mans face but the pain in his head was blocking his vision. 
"who are you?" the queen asked. the figure quickly moved to the queen walking briskly. before any other words could be exchanged the figure grabbed the queens wrist and slammed her against the wall. she began to choke as the figures other hand went to her neck. "You shouldn't have done that to this man. hes a good man."
the figure moved his hand swiftly and snapped the queens neck. he threw the body to the floor and moved over to archer practically gliding over to him. he took some blood and wrote on the wall, 'tis only beginning.' the figure glided out through the glass as the guards rushed into the room with raiine in tow. Raiine saw archers body first. she ran to him. "Archer! please no, please dont leave me here.!" she pulled the dagger out that was lodged in his heart. the guards moved towards the queens body. gasps were heard through out the room. raiine screamed as she saw her mothers body. 

After they had picked up both bodies raiine called for a funeral for her mother. archers death was labelled a murder. she visited his body after 2 days of planning the funerals. she pushed his hair back. as she did she noticed something was wrong with his jaw. she slowly opened his mouth and examined it. as she examined his teeth she pricked her finger on a rather large tooth. she drew back her finger as a few drops of blood hit archers mouth.
"atleast im in the hospital already."
slowly archers chest rose and dropped. Raiine started to walk away. behind her came a soft sound, 
"do not go..."
"archer?" asked raiine. she looked back at his body. he slowly opened his eyes. "im here my love" he said briskly trying to get up. 
raiine almost screamed. she threw her arms around his neck. he slowly hugged her back wrapping both arms around her. 
"how though?" she asked wondering how it was possible that he just get up like that.
"im not normal my love. i hope that doesnt change anything. im still me, i just need to feed to live. your blood saved me."
raiines eyes widened a bit. "is that why my mother is dead?"
archer looked at her, "your mother is dead? last thing i saw was a figure come through the window after that i blacked out."
raiine held him close to her. 
"her neck was snapped almost clean off. its horrible archer." he let her cry for sometime. Archer thought quietly as he tried consoling her,
'her mother, the queen, dead and before she died she tried killing him...but why? what exactly was going on?'
Archer then noticed the room he was in, dark, cold, sitting up on a cold slab of rock almost like a last resting place. The morgue of a hospital wing of a castle.
"the funeral is tomorrow i can patch you up to look like your recovering but the rest is up to you." explained raiine.
"i need to feed soon. i can do it while you sleep if you allow me too." Archer said.
raiine nodded. 
"thank you for understanding and accepting me. are the oldest of your sisters...the queen has fallen...if i may say...that makes you queen. itd be an honor to be your right hand man...if youll have me." archer said. raiine sat there for a minute thinking about what he just said. with a deep breath she said, " rather you be my husband, the kingdoms king." archer looked into her eyes. "king? you have to be royalty for that though." 
Raiine laughed a little. "no my love you just need to stand ready to defend me and love me." she explained to him. archer looked at their hands. tangled his fingers with hers.
"i will...i swear i will always defend you till i cant anymore. i love you raiine."
raiine had tears in her eyes and down her face as archer promised his vow. so much had happened in such a small amount of time. she would be married soon...

Archer woke the next day, Raiine smiled up at him.
"Your alive still." She whispered as she opened her eyes.
Archer smiled back. "Well thats a relief." They both chuckled at the joke. Raiine got up and pulled on her royal robes. Archer grabbed his vest.
"I am going to make an announcement of your health today. As well as the wedding. My mother's funeral will be tomorrow as well."
Archer nodded. "Princess be careful. Something does not sit right with me right now." He sighed deeply in frustration of the unknown.

The princess was just announcing the return of Archer as he stepped into the room. The head of the guards looked at him, "You were dead. How are you alive?" He looked at archer in disbelief. 
"Well you see sir I had great care from our lovely princess."
The guardsman glared at Archer. 
"I have my eyes on you boy."
The princess shot her head guardsman a very dirty look.
"As for my next announcement. Archer and I are to be married after my mothers funeral. He shall be your next king so please Daniel respect him. After all he is the last to see the queen."
Daniel, the lead guardsman grumbled and walked out of the room.
"You are all dismissed, in an hour please meet in the family chambers for my mothers funeral." 

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