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Ladies beware of this creepy guy!

This profile was a previously suspended account:

He strictly adds only women and sends them extremely creepy and inappropriate messages. He was suspended for doing such.

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Thanks for letting us know!!!!

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but why is your title name creepy guy???

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Because they're obviously warning every woman in the community that there is a creepy guy trying to prey on them.

This is obviously a predator alert!

I'm sorry that somebody had to come explain the extremely obvious to you. But this is disgustingly and blaringly obvious to everyone else in the entire world.

Thankfully by the time I found this post both accounts had already been shut down by spacehey, because of him and many creepy scumbags like him, a lot of women do not feel comfortable even existing on the internet at all..

by DJ Lys (a.k.a. Alyssa Love); ; Report

In case you didn't know I was talking about the username so you should think before you assume

by 🌹Mickie🌹; ; Report

Well bless your heart,
I apologize for not being psychic and realizing that you didn't say the words that you meant to say.

Maybe next time you could actually just say the words you mean to say instead of trying to belittle somebody and make them feel stupid for not being psychic and reading your fucking mind.

Ignorant fucking cunt

by DJ Lys (a.k.a. Alyssa Love); ; Report

Hey now don´t be Immature Karen no need to bring out cuss words and be rude I was just correcting you not saying you were a mind reader.And secondly if you have anything rude to text then don´t text it at all mind your business this was a question for the blogger out of curiosity,not for you so next time just keep your big nose out of someone elses comment and pretty sure if you are being all bless your little heart don´t be cursing out of gods way so just sit back and shut up.

by 🌹Mickie🌹; ; Report

First of all bitch fuck you.
You don't get to talk to me like I'm stupid and then get mad at me for how I respond to you.
Fuck you.
You're the moron that ask somebody why their shit was titled the way it is and didn't like the response you got, so...
Fuck off.

We're all adults here and if you can't handle an adult that uses adult language talking to you like an adult on the internet then maybe you should cease from existing on the fucking internet.

You don't get to dictate what language I use. If I fucking feel like using cuss words and I will and there's nothing that you're uppity little bitch ass gets to do about it..

So you can stop acting like you're better than me when you're the fucking moron that started this entire fucking interaction by asking stupid fucking questions..


Just to point out..

You're also the stupid fucking moron that didn't even ask the question correctly to begin with in the fucking first place..

Learn to fucking read and write before you come at me and try to tell me what I am and am not allowed to say.


by DJ Lys (a.k.a. Alyssa Love); ; Report


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I literally got a comment from someone asking to be my sugar daddy, and I also saw a bunch of profiles with pfps of d1cks

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i got a sugar baby comment aswell

by xXtoon.kidXx; ; Report

hope they don't invade this website :(

by ♥️Lucy♥️; ; Report

yeah I know one night I was just minding my own buisness and in the new users thing there was a dude with a big cock so uh as a guy I don't want to see another dude's dick and I'm sure most people don't want to see dicks on the internet lol.

by Johnny Lee; ; Report

The worst part is he probably stole that pic from someone else and really has a teeny weenie

by ♥️Lucy♥️; ; Report

I report every single one of those sugar daddy scam artist scumbag pieces of shit

Report all of them!


A true sugar daddy isn't going to just randomly approach strangers and offer them money. That's not how the kink works. As a member of the community I feel like I can speak on this a little bit even though it's not my kink.

Think about it for at least .07 seconds with any amount of normal human scrutiny and you will see that it doesn't make any sense at all to offer to give money to random women on the internet.
And even if he's real, and he wants to give away his money, what are the chances that he really wants to give it to you?
Think about it.....

by DJ Lys (a.k.a. Alyssa Love); ; Report


by ♥️Lucy♥️; ; Report


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The account is gone! love to see the spacehey mods being so vigilant, along with the help of the community being so quick to kick the shit outta gross people. Spacehey rocks!!

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agreed !!

by alexxfoxx; ; Report


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Thanks! I'll keep an eye out >:]

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ty for telling! ppl like that suck >:(

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Thanks! i hate people like that. :[

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LISA black pink

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thanks for letting us know

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