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January '22 - Random links of awesome (complete)

I'm trying to be more involved in how I navigate the Internet. Rather than let a few sites collate and tell me what's interesting, I'm going to do my best to dig around like I used to back in the late 90's/early 00's.

I miss the Geocities WebRings! It was hella easier finding interesting stuff with them around...any nuggets I find amusing, interesting or just plain baffling will be posted below 👇

Monday 31st
Possibly one of the greatest sites on the web - TV Tropes

Sunday 30th
Remember when we all had homepages? Good times. Check this awesome modern equivalent out.

Saturday 29th 
Fametracker was legit one of my must read sites back in the day. Quotes like 'we're not sure if a $300k Bentley is romantic or repulsive' have stayed with me. FYI it's repulsive Bennifer!

Friday 28th
Goddamn the internet can be boring these days...thank gods for gems like Sadgrl

Thursday 27th
Like we didn't know it's the RAWRing 20's - it's a hell yeah to the rise & return of emo.

Wednesday 26th
I love an article that doesn't oversell what it can do for you...

Tuesday 25th
Who are you? ...a spot of poetry on this freezing day.

Monday 24th
Did you know that the legend that is Napster is still a thing?

Sunday 23rd
Extraordinary art for your peepers - Livia Marin - Nomad Patterns are my favourite 🧡

Saturday 22nd
Support and discover other creatives you won't see via the mainstream or just hanging on Spotify - LaunchLeft

Friday 21st
I was legit looking for a breakfast box (yes, I am that lazy!) and found this gem 👉 Cookaway The boxes are a proper delight, plus it makes a fabulous change from all those takeaways I indulged in last month.

Thursday 20th
Dystopia-core. For the fashion forward amongst us.

Wednesday 19th
My Own Private Idaho turns 30. Still one of the greatest films I've ever seen.

Tuesday 18th
I have no idea what this is...but what a ride.

Monday 17th
Tristan Eaton artist extraordinaire. Cast your peepers on his works. You won't regret it.

Sunday 16th
How about a baby elephant that's sooooo deep asleep that mom needs help waking it - video 🧡

Saturday 15th
Some super handy digital detox tips

I've already done quite a few🕺🏻

Friday 14th 
'Sweep the leg' this No More Kings video is glorious.

Hot blondes. Speedo's. Roller blades. So much nostalgia & funny as fuck.

Thursday 13th
River Phoenix tribute site - Rio's Attic

I have loved this site since its inception. It's old school internet. Looks homemade. And has more heart than almost anywhere else 🧡

Wednesday 12th
If only all episodes of classic TV could be deconstructed like this ➡️ Seventeen People

Tuesday 11th
If you haven't already, I'd definitely suggest having a good look at The Winchester Mystery house

Although you might be like me and hear the name Winchester and automatically think Supernatural...

Mondy 10th
Ever wondered about the world's most expensive Mason jars? Yah! Me too! Cat your peepers on this list.

Sunday 9th 
A newspaper to celebrate all that's good in the world...The Happy Newspaper is a platform to share positive news and wonderful people. 

Saturday 8th
The end of the avocado...if nothing else, it would be awesome so see another food thing become THE darling of Instagram. Also, and more importantly, the water poverty the mass growing of avo's has caused is beyond shocking. 

Friday 7th
There are 353 episodes of 'Is it a good idea to microwave this?' Enjoy!

Thursday 6th
A neocities oddity. A glorious one.

Wednesday 5th
Today is an absolute treat. 

A few people have done what Nathan has but I like his best, he's hooked his version of ceefax up to the BBC website to convert today's news into the Ceefax we all know and adore. 

Give it a bash. If nothing else, the 70's aesthetic is gorge.

Tuesday 4th
I love the premises of Minus

Imagine that you only had finite space within a social network. How would you use it? Ben Grosser is providing you with the opportunity to find out. Minus gives you 100 original posts to add to the timeline and then that's it, you're done.

Monday 3rd
Behold the gloriousness that is Knots Landing. 

Always the backup bridesmaid to Dallas and Dynasty but just as rad & cheesy...essentially the perfect hangover TV. Here's an entire website with some serious late 90's vibes for your reading pleasure ➡️ knotslanding.net

Sunday 2nd 
Kicking this endeavour off - apparently I no longer have to miss webrings.


Can I get a 'hooo-rah'?


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