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Duck and cover. The diet advice avalanche is here.

For most people it's Christmas that sneaks up on them, for me it's the insane amount of diet tips and tricks that are stuffed almost everywhere you look from Jan 1st.

I can't imagine what this onslaught of the same ole 'your fat and here's how not to be' does to people who have poor relationship with food. 

Its got to be triggering as hell. 

I'm sure that many are in the same position I am - COVID & Christmas pounds that need to go! 

My plan is to go back to normal portion sizes and restart my exercise regime. 

That's it. 

Nothing fancy, just trying to use my common sense. 

(Which does happen occasionally).

I shall be avoiding all the (well meaning, I hope) advice from perky 20-somethings and those who insist that the 'fresh air only' diet is the way to go. 

It's certainly not as easy in your 40s to shift the weight, I plan on being kind to myself. 

Keep it low-key and consistent and I know my waistline will reappear eventually. 

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