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AFI - Now & Then

I have been a fan of AFI since 2000ish. Their lyrics spoke to me in ways I could not describe. Mind you, my first introduction to them was at the tender age of 10/11. As I grew into my teen years AFI saw me through some pretty dark times- I remember just sitting in my room blasting "This Time Imperfect", "...But Home is Nowhere", "Sacrafice Theory", and "God Called in Sick Today." 

My first real concert experience, outside of our small town local bands, was in 2006. I saw AFI with The Explosion at the Washington Armory in Albany, NY. They were on tour for December Underground. It was a magical experience - from Davey going into the crowd during "God Called In Sick Today" to the love that AFI fans had for each other as we chanted "Through our bleeding we are one!" I'll never forget it. 

Since December Underground came out, AFI has released 3 full albums with a fourth coming this June. A lot of folks are not too happy with how the band's sound has evolved. Some of the tracks across those albums don't give me the same feelings as anything pre-December but - I can still find a couple songs I really enjoy on each album. 

Davey and Jade have also come up with some great side projects - the one they have together, Blaqk Audio is wonderful. Cex Cells and Bright Black Heaven are wonderful albums. The three after that are also good though not necessarily my favorites. Davey also joined a super group - Dreamcar, which is also lots of fun.

So all of this is to say that yes, our favorite bands are allowed to grow and evolve over time. AFI will always have my heart. I might not have liked the most recent singles they dropped for the new album but the more and more I listen to them - I cannot get enough. 

So what are your thoughts? Are you an AFI fan? Are you a fan of another band who's sound has shifted with time? Do you still listen or do you just cherish their music from a certain time period and move on? 

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