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napping in a stranger's house after exerting myself by talking about electric cars

spending new year's with my girlfriend's family, and we did the actual celebration at her aunt's neighbour's house, whom i have never met. after finally warming up with someone and talking my head off about electric cars (and some other things), i got a bit tired (also because i ate a lot), and so i took a fat nap at their game room's couch. quite an experience, i must say, to nap in a stranger's home. when i woke up, some drunk guy started talking to me about using my intuition above all else to figure out what i should do... that was a neat thing. drunk adults (of over 35 years of age) are quite fun because they just talk and talk, but it is just them saying the same thing over and over again haha. now i am going to sleep in my girlfriend's cousin's room while they sleep in the guest room (bigger bed for them two) since her aunt did not want me doing the hour-and-a-half drive back home in such a night as this one, which i appreciate. 

what a night.

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What does Jason think about electric cars?

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a lot. mostly that they unfortunately shadowed hydrogen powered cars, which are the true ecologically supreme autos. also, teslas are good as a technology company but not so much as an auto company, so if i would buy an electric car, it would not be a tesla.

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