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Don't you just looove finals!

So my immunology final exam was open book and I was excited about not having to cram every morsel of information in the world into my brain. The professor did say that it would be harder since it was open book and only be 15 questions but that we should have been able to answer it with just our book + notes. More than half the exam was about Covid-19, realllly detailed crazy facts that we never even went over cause hellloooo!! We're still living it so the textbook has no references yet. Most of his questions were just taken from random scientific articles alll over the freaking web which he paraphrased to make it hard to find. Long scientific articles full of information I hadn't even heard of. Anyway. 15 questions and 6 HOURS LATER I am done for the semester. Hope I didn't fail. Might have a mini meltdown later. Who knows!

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