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throat chakra

🔊 the Vishuddha, or throat chakra, is located in the center of the neck. it is associated with a circle resting within an inverted triangle, the sound or space element, and the color blue or turquoise. it is responsible for communication, honesty, self-expression, and voice. 🔊

🔊 an imbalanced throat chakra can cause shyness, fear of speaking, lying, poor listening, gossiping, anxiety, and arrogance. unblock and balance the throat chakra by doing neck stretches, practice vocal exercises, drink soothing tea, singing or humming, and try to make yourself heard without forgetting how to sit back and listen. 🔊


⦾ i speak the truth.

⦾ i express myself with clear intent.

⦾ i live an authentic life.

⦾ my voice matters.

⦾ i know when to listen.

⦾ i am heard and understood.

⦾ i am safe to express myself freely.

⦾ i speak with confidence and clarity.

⦾ i embrace silence and peace.

⦾ i express myself creatively.

⦾ i have the courage to be my true self.

⦾ my words are powerful.

⦾ when i speak, i am heard.

⦾ i am true to myself.

⦾ i value healthy communication.

⦾ i carry myself with integrity.

⦾ i know myself and my truth.

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