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Happy Anniversary To Us!

Blogophilia, Year 14!

Topic:  Happy Anniversary To Us
Prompts used:  "I'm just mad about fourteen, fourteen's mad about me" from Donovan 
                         "Fourteen girls in baggy pajamas" from Tiny Tim
A gift appropriate for a 14 year anniversary: Ivory
Incorporate red 14 on the roulette wheel
Taking the elevator to the 14th floor

Blogophilia! Blogophilia!
Happy Anniversary to us!
Fourteen years of writing fun
Hop on the party bus!

Cause I'm just mad about fourteen
Fourteen's mad about me
You won't find anything sweeter
Not even in Albuquerque

Now Marvin Martian, he's the key
There is no doubt, we all agree
We don't need no grand jury
To convict us of our writing spree

We write about love
We write about loss
We'll toss in the moon to show you who's boss
While Marvin tosses us the prompts
To energize our writing chops

So lets take the elevator to the fourteenth floor
The Blogophiliacs want to party some more
The roulette wheels spins to red fourteen
As Hilary Duff tickles the orangish ivory  
I see fourteen girls in baggy pajamas
What if I'd gone to the South Bahamas?!!

Blogophilia! Blogophilia!
Long Live Blogophilia!
Fourteen years and going strong
Time moves so fast, it doesn't seem that long
So Happy Anniversary to us
Now get on that party bus!

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Long live Blogophilia

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I like your style! fun read, too.

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Thank you!

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