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With Teeth

With teeth vinyl arrived today. :)

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Oh cool! Never had a vinyl, but I would love to listen to some old tunes :D
That album has an interesting style of rock, kinda like it :>

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Just listened some more of that album, wow, "only" and "getting smaller" are really good :o

by Vori; ; Report

The album is pretty new, the vinyl is even newer since it was made in 2019!
Sunspots is my favourite song on here.

by Katherine; ; Report

Just listened to it again, I'm probably looking weird headbanging a little in job right now xD.
Also, I like the chill and distorted vibe from "Right Where It Belongs".

by Vori; ; Report

Good music is good music, nothing weird about head banging! Even in public.
The last 3 songs on the album are very good. Nine Inch Nails is one of my favourite bands, I highly recommend the The Downward Spiral as well. Broken too, if you enjoy rock!

by Katherine; ; Report