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Hi, I'm new here! Not really sure what am I supposed to actually post here but here we gooooooooooo... qwq

Sooo, to start off this blog post, I'd like to introduce myself. I go by many online names, most notably Welchia (yes, named after the computer worm), Catto, and Claire (i do not really recommend calling me this though). I'm just a rando on the internet who likes jumping off from one platform to another depending on whenever I feel like it.

I actually wanted to join this site much, much more earlier, though I was quite hesitant about it and left it be until now.

Some things I really love to do are read, draw, play games, and chat with other people online! :D

I have a cat named Choco. He's a male colorpoint cat (most likely Siamese)

Aaaaaaaand yeah that's all I have to say for now. I'm considering making my account some sort of rp account but I still haven't decided on it yet. So yeah, I'm really glad to have joined SpaceHey, it seems like a really promising site. Might be able to post here more often than other social media sites, who knows?

Oh yeah, by the way, i need help with the css stuff, like what parts change this and what parts change that n i don't know how to do it. Having a default profile is pretty boring on a site like this.

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