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The dream starts with my current boyfriend and I looking to buy some weed. I would like to point out that in the real world my boyfriend does not smoke weed, so the dream is already starting out unusual. For whatever reason we could not find anyone we could buy from so out of desperation we decided to message my ex boyfriend to buy weed from him. This is also strange because this ex boyfriend was very abusive and we are not on good terms in the real world. So that being said we would have never messaged him for help with anything, let alone weed. Nonetheless, in the dream world, we decided to message this man and of course he was able to supply us with what we were looking for. The catch unfortunate was that he really wanted to be in the cypher. I am not sure why but we agreed and told him to meet us at my brother's house. 

My brother, in my dream, lived in a rooming apartment. His front door immediately lead to a staircase that lead directly to his bedroom. To the right there was a wall and to the left were more rooms down a long hallway.  When I arrived to my brother's house with my boyfriend we were the first to arrive to the apartment. My brother was not home but I conveniently had my own key inside. We made our way up the stairs and to his room and shortly after we heard a knock at the door. I opened the door just a crack to see who it was. It was actually his landlord. For some reason in the dream I instinctually knew this to be true although I had never seen this woman in real life. She was short, fair skinned, wearing a green Christmas sweater with black pants and boots. She had blonde hair and with her big brown eyes I saw her look me up and down; confused. I took a small step back and I opened the door slightly wider. She gave a forced smile.
"Oh hello. I'm A's landlord." She said.
"I was just looking for him. Is he home?" She asked. 
"Oh it is nice to meet you. I am actually A's sister. He's actually not home right now but I can tell him you stopped by."
She said nothing for a short moment and then continued, "Okay that's fine. Also let him know, I put Christmas cookies in the frig for anyone who wants some. Merry Christmas." 
"Okay will do!" I said also forcing a smile. 
"Happy Holidays!" I finished before closing the door. 
Before I could say anything more to my boyfriend who was standing on the other side of the room near the window the door knocked again. Expecting it to be the landlord again I forced a smile back onto my face and opened the door again. To my surprise it was actually my ex standing in the door friend. My smile quickly left my face. 
"You don't look happy to see me." he said. 
I ignored him. My only response was moving out of the way of the door so he could come inside. Inside my brothers room was a bed, a folding chair, a small table and a dresser that a small flat screen sat on top of. I sat on my brother's bed, my boyfriend remained standing on the wall near the window and my ex boyfriend sat on the folding chair. We all stayed in an uncomfortable tension as he separated the weed we purchased into its own baggie over the little table. 
"So how you been?" He finally said breaking the silence.
"Fine." I said.
"Anything new?" He replied.
"No." I said looking out of his direction. His eyes burning into my face only made me nervous. I looked toward my boy who seemed directed on his phone. My ex began to speak but before he could say anything I said, "Can you just roll up. My brother will be here soon." 
Just as I said this my brother's bedroom door opened. My Brother and his friend stood in the door frame confused. I explained that my ex was the only person I could find for the weed and that he just wants to smoke with us and he'll leave. For some strange reason my brother was okay with this. He came and sat beside me and his friend sat at the top of the stairs right outside the door. Again the awkward silence washed over us until finally my ex stood holding two blunts. When he stood my brother stood and when my brother stood I stood. I don't remember who said what to whom but an argument broke out. I pleaded with them to calm down while also informing my brother that his landlord was just here looking for him. Finally the yelling stopped but only for a moment. My brother is a lot shorter than my ex but they stared into each other's eyes and I felt my heart rate rise. The look of violence was in both of their eyes when my ex finally said, "What's really good with you? You never liked me anyway." to which my brother responded, "Well, sorry for never liking my sister's abuser." 
As an effective way to finish that powerful statement my brother reached up and slapped my ex across the face. In a very dramatic way my ex stubbled backwards holding the side of his face. He said nothing. He only stared back at my brother. Finally he stood up straight, put the rolled weed back only the small table and walked out of the room and down the stairs and out the door. My brother and his friend started laughing but my boyfriend looked over at me concerned. 
He asked, "Are you ok?" 
But I heard his voice muffled and slowed. Everything had seemed to slow down like a movie. I looked around the room with a sense of fear washing over me. I looked at my brother and said, "That was scary. Do you know he has a gun?" 
As the words left my lips I heard the popping sounds of a gun. It was loud yet muffled and things continued to move in slow motion. My brother's friend who sat at the top of the stairs came into the room holding onto his stomach. 
"He shot me." He said as he leaned against the wall. 
My brother walked over to the door frame and my ex began spraying his gun again, this time from the middle of the steps.
 I ran to my brother's side, tackling him, yelling, "Are you stupid he has a gun!" 
With the grace of God we missed the bullets but my boyfriend who stood against the wall behind us was not so lucky. I ran to his side as he fell to the ground bleeding out. I pressed my hands onto the wounds in his stomach and he let out a gurgle with blood pouring from his lips. 
"It's okay." I said, placing his hands where his wounds were. 
"you gotta put pressure!" I said, as I stood. 
Without thinking I went over to my brother's friend and saw that he had a gun. For some reason I knew in the dream that his friend also had a gun. I took it from its tucked position inside his jeans and turned to meet the gaze of my ex. He was now standing two steps away from the top of the stairs. He began to shoot again but this time he missed and hit no one. I immediately fired back hitting him in the stomach and then in the chest. Somehow with the strength of Michael Myers, He stood there and tried to shoot again. Again he missed and shot no one but when I shot back I did not miss. I shot him right below the left eye and he fell backwards and down the stairs. 
As soon as he fell, everything came back to full speed. I dropped the gun and began crying.
"I killed someone!" I screamed. 
"Someone call an ambulance!" My brother screamed. 
I ran to my boyfriend's side and dropped to my knees. He had lost a lot of blood and I could see the life slipping from his eyes. I sobbed over him, pressing my hands into his wounds.
"It's gonna be okay King. It's gonna be okay." I said, more to convince myself than him. "I need you to be okay. I need you." I sobbed. 
 He then took my blood soaked hands in his, "It's gonna be okay, Love. I'll come back."
"No. Don't say that. Stop it." I said between sobs.
"It's okay. I'll see you again." He said before giving one last exhale. 
I cried into my hands feeling defeated. I opened my eyes to find my in my bedroom. My boyfriend woke me up because I was crying in my sleep. I clung to him and told him I loved him. He was half asleep trying to console me. "It was only a nightmare." He said, rubbing my back. "You're okay." 


I hope you guys enjoyed this latest nightmare lol I didn't lol but thanks for reading if you read this far. I hope you guys have pleasant dreams lol 

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