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sacral chakra

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🌙 the Svadhishthana, or sacral chakra, is located on the abdomen below the navel. it is associated with the crescent moon, the water element, and the color orange. it is responsible for creativity, pleasure, passion, and sexuality. 🌙

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🌙 an imbalanced sacral chakra can cause sexual dysfunction, repressed creativity, lack of intimacy, overindulgence and addiction, and unhealthy emotional and sexual relationships. unblock and balance sacral chakra by connecting with water, and practicing creativity. connect with your sexuality and emotions, appreciate life's pleasures, explore and get to know your body, and learn a healthy emotional balance. 🌙

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☾ i am living a pleasurable life.

☾ i trust my feelings and easily express them.

☾ i am radiant, creative, beautiful, and fulfilled.

☾ i deserve to enjoy life.

☾ my sexuality is sacred.

☾ creative energy freely flows within me.

☾ i feel confident and comfortable in my body.

☾ i respect my body.

☾ i deserve to feel loved and appreciated.

☾ my emotions deserve attention.

☾ i am creating a life of pleasure and joy.

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☾ i feel passionate.

☾ i have healthy boundaries.

☾ i am open to new senses and experiences.

☾ i value my body.

☾ i have meaningful and healthy relationships.

a line of goldfish a line of goldfish a line of goldfish

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