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Out of My Mind - What an A.I. can do to show their love...

This is the first of my impromptu writing series. While I have a ton of idea that need refining, sometimes there are just those moments when an Idea hits well on the first try that you'd want to record it.

This is the first.

Idea Source: (Song) Wintergaten - Valentine

Have you ever though how love could sprout out of people?

Some would usually say to just send them a message or a hand written letter and you are golden. But how would an A.I. see that?

From the "what if" scenario of how an they would interpret it, they'd see it as the dedication of one's relationship given a physical and yet imperfectly short-lived form. "Why would they do that," some would ask "wouldn't it be more long lasting if they did it through software?"

Well, that wasn't really the point to being with. The reason they put their testament to love on something physical- like a letter - is to show that they are dedicated to keep doing that same action for all eternity if it meant they would show their love.

 Love is but an experience that they should share with each other, even when their old messages fade and rot away, they could always just write a new one again.

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