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MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM MY [Whacky Family] TO YOURS !!!!!1!!!!!!11!1

IT,S IT IS THE [[Holiday Specil]]!!!!!

OUR [Titular Family] ARE HAVEING A [[WonderfulChristmastime.MP3]]
I RECE1VED PLENTY OF [[Click 2 Claim Free Gift]] THIS YEAR !!1!!!!!!1!
I GOT [[Coupon Book]], [Heated Blanket £29.99], [Novelty Christmas Jumper Sweater Comedy Joke Funny Personalised], CHOCKLATE [[Kromer]], [Mug&SocksComboGiftItem], [[Bangin Tunes]], [2 For The Price Of 1]
EVRYTHING ON MY [[Wishlist]] !!!!!11!!!1!11! I'M SO []!!11!!!!!!1!

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Merry late Christmas! How'd that tree taste?

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TASTED LIKE [[Ingesting portions of the house pine may cause a moderate gastrointestinal response]]

by Spamton; ; Report

That flavor doesn't sound very healthy. You could've had a better deal eating the ornaments

by xX_MONSTERTEEF_Xx; ; Report