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How to change your "online now" icon


I got the code from this post: https://blog.spacehey.com/entry?id=2304

Here's what you do:

1. Put this code in your About Me section: 

<style>.online { visibility: hidden; } .online img { content: url(""); animation-name: none; visibility: visible; height: 43px; width: 90px; }</style>

2. Go to this very old Myspace resource site that I'm sure a lot of us remember: https://www.myspacegens.com/handler.php?gen=onlinenow1

3. Pick your status icon, but only copy the icon's image url location.

4. Paste that into the code mentioned in step #1, in between the two quotation marks, where it says: content: url("")

5. You may have to mess with the height and width. If it helps, I used: height: 40px; width: 150px

Have fun.

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holy shit it works! thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You're welcome

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