Edited Daily Schedule for Better Productivity

Finally redid my schedule again. I knew that wouldn't last, but it felt good the first week or so. It did help me pay more attention to how I spend my time when I'm not at work though, so that was helpful.

The main point of the previous schedule was really more to have a plan for the day than to so much as follow it. I don't think I could ever really have a schedule and follow it to the T. That just takes way too much more mental energy and control over the rest of the world than what I've been allotted.
What I've done with the updated version is take out a few things that make it too much(for now at least), switch around a few things, and tweak the morning so that the very first things I do are what I would need to do to be ready if I needed to leave the house in a hurry. I also split up morning, afternoon, and after work to make it easier to look at without getting everything jumbled up in my head.
I'm hoping more to been able to keep up with this one(especially when depression, fatigue, and lack of motivation hit), and to possibly pay attention to and tweak the times a bit as parts of it(particularly first thing in the morning) are more meant to be done in a listed order than based off of a specific time frame.

7:45Get up and hydrate
7:50Make water for tea
7:55Shower, teeth, and skin care
8:30Make breakfast and tea
8:40Enjoy tea
9:00Breakfast and clean up

12:00Lunch and clean up
1:00Meditate and study
3:30Go to work

9:00Dinner and clean up
10:30Work out
11:30Plan tomorrow and read

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