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root chakra

animated border of red flowers 🧘🏼 the Muladhara, or root chakra, is located at the base of the spine. it is associated with the four-petal lotus, the earth element, and the color red. it is responsible for grounding, security, and stability. 🧘🏼 

red background with a print of a butterfly in white ink i dont chase i attract whatever belongs to me will simply find me

🧘🏼 an imbalanced root chakra can cause feelings of insecurity and anxiety, disordered eating, lack of focus, and fatigue. unblock and balance root chakra by practicing grounding techniques like meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises. connect to the earth, pay attention to and meet all basic needs, and practice mindful gratitude. 🧘🏼

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𓇬 i am safe, centered, and grounded.

𓇬 i am connected to all that is around me.

𓇬 i trust more and fear less.

𓇬 the universe provides for me abundantly.

𓇬 i can release fear and worry, and know i am secure.

𓇬 i am exactly where i'm meant to be.

𓇬 i am rooted in this present moment.

𓇬 i am connected to nature.

𓇬 my choices are for me, and i trust myself.

animated border of red flowers

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