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Getting my life back together :)

Time to post into the void!

Lockdown was definitely weird for me, as when lockdown started for the first time I was only just discovering the world and becoming more independent and confident in myself, and then as soon as I start to finally enjoy the independence I get stripped of it once more XD

I was just starting to make new friends, go to new places and just explore new parts of life that I hadn't previously had access to! 

But although this may have sent me back, also feel like lockdown was really important to me as it gave me a break to really step back and look at some of the things going on with myself, and in a way I think it helped me become a better me that couldn't have been achieved if it wasn't for lockdown; and getting that break did really help understand things about myself and I did process a LOT.

Because of that, I've come out of lockdown as somebody who is a lot more confident and a lot more outgoing, somebody who is really ready to take on the world fully and have anything thrown at them! But the one that I did do was isolate myself for a long period of time with the lockdown, causing a large amount of friendships to become severed. Although I do miss these friendships, I also believe that maybe it did teach me who was genuinely there for me and who wasn't? if that makes any sense ha ha

But effectively over the next few months I'm really just trying to get my life back together in general. I really want to get in touch with people but I haven't spoken to, build on current friendships, start to meet new people when the lockdown restrictions have been reduced, and overall I think I'm really just trying to use this confidence that I haven't previously had to do the things I've been too scared to do in the past! Especially when it comes to helping benefit myself or others in the distant future =]

For example I'm starting university in the autumn and one thing that I've already started doing is making new friends with some people in my course online. It's been really helpful just to know people as the University I am moving to is about six hours away from anybody that I know. You see, pre-COVID-19 me wouldn't be able to do that, so being able to have the confidence to do something that's going to benefit me in the future it's just so cool! Past me would probably struggle even applying to the University, let alone doing the interviews and meeting new people!

Anyways this post didn't really have much purpose, I just wanted to dump some thoughts somewhere... so yeah =]

I hope you're having a good day! If not, then tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start. Do that thing you've wanted to do for a while! If it doesn't work out, then hey you tried! Thats one new piece of life experience that you would've gained instead of sitting around wondering if you should do it. Don't worry about if it won't work out, im sure by next week you won't even think about it, and by then you would've moved on to something way cooler as you've moved past that initial roadblock <3

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