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survey (idea from some1 else!!)

what generation are you? gen z 

would you rather have telekinesis or telepathy? telepathy
whats your favorite pizza toppings? pepperoni or bacon idk, i really just prefer plain pizza 
do you have any fears? what are they? my mom dying and the world ending in my sleep
whos your favorite powerpuff girl? buttercup
whats your favorite month? november 
do you have naturally curly or straight hair? curly af
if you could live in any decade which would you choose? um the 80s-90s but nothing before that cause im not white LMAO
what color are your eyes? brown
what color do you wish your eyes were? green
favorite social media platform? idk if this counts but pinterest 100%
any piercings? ears technically but the holes closed so maybe not
do you have any pets? i have a fish tank w fishies
do you vote during presidential elections? can’t yet
name 3 things in your room. my tarot deck, glass of water, my bookbag
what do you find attractive in a person? confidence 
what turns you off? when they have no manners
would you ever get cosmetic surgery? prob not
did you use myspace before spacehey? nope
are you afraid to grow old? 70% of the time yes
do you like anyone right now? yes
do they like you back? honestly idk
what are you looking forward to this week? seeing relatives
when is the last time u laughed? abt 30 minutes ago
do you like having your nails long or short? i’d like them long but i always bite them off so ://
gold jewelry or silver jewelry? silver 
are you content with your life? eh, sorta 
how often do you shower? usually every day
do you believe in astrology? yes, if it isn’t cliche tumblr astrology 
do you know your sun, moon and rising sign? my sun is scorpio, my moon is scorpio, my rising is leo
would people be surprised about what they found on your computer? probably
have you ever used a ouija board? nope
what was/is your favorite subject in school? psychology or anatomy
high heels or flats? flats
would you rather dress comfortably or uncomfortably but look better? honestly, comfortably
what age did u lose ur virginity? this is classified
lakes or oceans? to swim in, lakes. but oceans are prettier
have you ever traveled outside of your country? nope
do you believe in reincarnation? i’m not sure but i’m definitely open to it
have you ever experienced anything paranormal? yes
do you have any talents? i can hold my breath for exactly 1minute and 13 seconds
do you have any kids? no lol 
do you want kids? yes, two
would someone you liked still living with their parents be a deal breaker? mmm no
do you smoke/vape? no
whats something that happened this year that made you happy? growing some balls and talking to them again
whats your favorite thing about yourself? smile 100%

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