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Twin Peaks

Just finished the second season of Twin Peaks, and until my Fire Walk With Me Criterion gets here I'll be going cold turkey. 

If any of you are watching it, don't give up on it because of the bad episodes in season 2 (10-16), you can power through the stinkers!

But jesus christ those episodes are horrible...

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Yeah. Lynch didn't do season 2. boo hoo. Season 2 is great. Love it.

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rewatched season one with my husband who had never seen it a few weeks ago and i just can't bring myself to start season two bc i remember how bad it gets. Nadine is... a lot lmao.

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oh NO! this is BAD NEWS as i am on episode 10 of twin peaks season 2! i thought there was lull at the beginning of this season as well. hopefully its not so bad! i like this show a lot! who would you say is your favorite character of all time?

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