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Lu's Game Reviews/Rants - FNaF (franchise)

So the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise has been something that has never been short but amazing for me, and I'm not truly sure why. At face value, within my collection of games this would be the most unappealing and stupidly simple one of them all, and something you kind of don't even want to touch because of the toxicity within the community of people who play on the internet. However these games for me have this charm that I just can't get enough of. So as someone who's played every single game, let's go back and take a look at each!
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 | Xbox

Five Nights at Freddy's - The simplest and easiest one to beat. When this game first released as you all may know it became an overnight success, garnering millions of views on YouTube and helping push some creators into the spotlight, which still happens to this very day! This game is simple, you already know it, I think personally what made it scary at the time were the designs of the animatronic themselves, and the ambiguity of the story and lore. It wasn't fleshed out back then, it used to just be "Kids went missing! Oh no! Are they inside the robots?!?!!". Overall this game was alright and a great beginning to the franchise!Fnaf 1 Animatronics in stage by zueiroooooooooooo on DeviantArt

FNaF 2 - Having come out on the same year that FNaF 1 came out, nobody was expecting a sequel this fast. Lore wise, this game still didn't have itself realized yet, because it just came out so suddenly to cash in on the success, the creator, Scott Cawthon, most likely did not have it thought up in mind just yet. Nonetheless, this game is absolutely terrifying, far more that FNaF 1 at this point. The designs were creepier, you had to worry about the puppet, there were no doors, you only had a flashlight and a spare Freddy mask. This game nailed it out of the park when it comes to sequels.

Fun fact! There was supposed to be a toxicity meter in the game, most likely to show up when you put the mask on, however this was ultimately scrapped.
FNaF 2 - Rare Toy Bonnie Screen Remake by Puppetio on DeviantArt

FNaF 3 - Lore wise, this game was important for what was to come, and by this point, Scott Cawthon had it all mostly figured out. Gameplay wise? Boy this was a rough one. This game sure has its tense moments, such as when Springtrap is staring at you through the window or the door, but the jumpscare is just not it. It is by far the least scary of the FNaF games, and it's a shame it had to be that way because Springtrap is one of the most important characters in the whole game, and also just the fact that there is a human inside of him that you can see makes his design terrifying as well.

Shame that this game threw away that potential.
Download Five Nights at Freddy's 3 3.2.0 APK for Android

FNaF 4 - Now this game, if you mess up, it's YOUR fault. This game is absolute nightmare fuel for 2 reasons. 1) The designs, OBVIOUSLY, I mean go try finding anything remotely not scary about them and 2) The gameplay. This game is played by having to stand at your door and listening to breathing. If there is breathing coming from the other side, that means an animatronic is there, and you need to close the door. If there aren't, you can turn on your flashlight, and see what is there. The game also has a lot of background noises, and little sounds, such as a dog barking outside, the grandfather clock, rain, your own footsteps, the door creaking, everything is there to distract you.

This game, is terrifying.
Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Review - TheXboxHub

FNaF World - This game, as fun and cutesy as it may have been, released with a lot of issues. Upon release the game was panned by critics since the game unfinished, unpolished and lacked a ton of things that made the game unstable. Scott however refunded everyone, took down the game, fixed it and re released it for free on Gamejolt. In my personal opinion, the game itself is fine, its fun, cutesy, colorful, however still has a lot of details that point out lore details. Overall, this game is neat and a nice break from the usual horror formula!
FNAF World (video game, JRPG, comedy) reviews & ratings - Glitchwave video  games database

FNaF Sister Location - So this is a special one, FNaF Sister Location is 1) The first every FNaF game to include story gameplay with scripted scenes and 2) Voice acting other than phone guy (or in this case phone guy is replaced by HandUnit). The gameplay in this one varies by night and can be really unerving. This game, personally, feels really short, and easy to beat, unless you're trying to get the "real ending" which in turns makes you have to kill Elizabeth in the minigame, granting you a key in which you can go back, and disregards Baby's direction in the last night, and you'll end up in an office, where you have to face off against Ennard. Overall this game, as great as it is, is not all that replayable once everything is said and done.
Ballora Jumpscare still | Five Nights at Freddy's | Know Your Meme

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator - This game is purely for the lore, which I won't get in to right here, but basically this game is masked behind a pizzeria building game. The pizzeria building aspect of it is really fun, however the real meat and bones of the game come from your office to the salvages. The office you spend your nights at have no cameras or doors, only two vents to your left and to your right and a motion detector on the screen. You have to do tasks such as print paper and unclog the toilets from that screen, while having to listen carefully and check the motion detector to see if anything is coming after you. At the end of every night you get to salvage an animatronic from the back alley. Salvaging them, or failing to do so, could lead to something you didn't want creeping into your pizzeria. This is by far one of the hardest FNaF games I played, and extremely scary as well.
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator Lefty Salvage (FNAF6 Gameplay) - YouTube

Ultimate Custom Night - This game has a lot of bits and pieces regarding to the lore, but nonetheless this game is still terrifying, you have to keep track of what each animatronic does and you get to select the difficulty at which they are in, this game can be extremely nerve wracking and challenging, especially in the almost impossible to beat 50/20 mode!
UCN | ¡Un amigo loco!

FNaF: Help Wanted - Both with and without VR, this game is utterly terrifying. It's a compilation of FNAF 1, 2 and 3, alongside night terrors that take place in 4, and other modes such as vent repair and Parts and Service. This game can be truly enjoyed with VR and will be one of the most frightening experiences you can have in a VR game, and same goes with the DLC for the game, Curse of Dreadbear.
Five Nights At Freddy's VR: Help Wanted Review - Master Of Suspense

FNaF Security Breach - This is the only review I will not be able to fully complete, for I am only 3 1/2 hours into the game and want to reach at least 6 before giving a full review, however, from what I've played so far, I've got nothing but positives to say about this game, I suggest you go check it out if you've got a PC, PS4 or PS5, I'm currently playing on PC, and again, great experience so far!
Se reveló una nueva jugabilidad de Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach  – PlayStation.Blog LATAM

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen! This was my review of the entire FNaF Franchise as of now, if you enjoyed reading this leave a comment and let me know what you think! Please share this around so people can check out this review as well! Feel free to add me and become friends, I'd love to chat about games! This was my review, my name's Lu and I will see ya later!
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Me encanto esto y también quiero decir que comparto opinión contigo en muchas cosas como que en el fnaf 3 los screamers no dan casi nada de miedo pero igual es un gran juego y personalmente uno de mis favoritos y el que más me da miedo es el fnaf 4 porque es mucho de escuchar y sientes esa tensión de no saber que hay en la puerta y tener que estar en silencio escuchando y si te equivocas te salen esos screamers que sinceramente hacen que grite como loco, sin duda uno de mis juegos favoritos al igual que el fnaf security Breach, se que hay muchas personas a las cuales no les gusta porque dicen que no es aterrador y en parte es cierto porque los screamers no dan tanto miedo pero igual me gusta mucho porque hay mucho que hacer y los diferentes finales y me encanta el diseño de los personajes y todo lo demás, es hermoso ese juego, el fnaf 2 y 1 también me gustan mucho, son muy buenos juegos que logran asustarme

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