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wednesday, march 10th

posting a little late as usual, but i finally feel like things are going to be changing for the better in my life soon. it's weird, and a little scary too, but i think i'm almost ready for this change. and definitely in need of it, too.

i stayed with my grandma for 6 days, and just got home around 9 tonight (it's now 12:33AM). while i was at my aunts and saw family and such, i ended up talking to my grandma about possibly moving into her house so i can have a better environment to focus on school, drivers ed, medical stuff and therapy. and especially since they're close to DC and bigger cities, i have more access to better facilities and such for things i need. and my mom agreed to it too, she just wants me to try and save up some money beforehand to help pay for my own things over there until i can get a job. 
i'm really excited for it all, but still scared, or maybe just overwhelmed. idk, i just never thought i'd be coming to this point in my life so soon, or even at all. it just seemed so impossible, and that i'd never get to it. so it's just kind of  surprising that i'm here so soon. but again, i'm happy for it. i'll have more freedom with moving soon, driving, and turning 18. and then recovery, physically and mentally. i've been so sick of feeling the way i do, and i'm seriously ready to finally get better. 
in other news, i think i had a pretty good trip over the past few days. after seeing family and spending time in one of my childhood homes, i got to see my boyfriend monday afternoon for a few hours. couldn't be together for as long as we hoped, but i was still grateful to see him at all. he makes me so happy <3 <3 <3
i'm a little restless tonight, tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day. warm out, and i have an eye doctor's appointment in the afternoon as well. i know that's not particularly "fun", but it's nice to me to get out of the house and do things. depending on the store and who i'm with, grocery shopping can be fun too lmao. plus, i'll be getting seen for my new yearly supply of contacts, so i can finally switch out these pairs i've been wearing since december. praying we can afford another year supply though, because if not it's back to glasses. which i absolutely hated lmao.
i hope i can come back here next time with more good news, or something interesting. i'm no big figure, or influencer, so i know my personal life and ordeals aren't too interesting to many. i think the most interesting i'll get is my mental health shenanigan's, but i think that'd be a little too much to post so loosely on here lol.
but anyways, i'm hopefully going to bed soon. i have a pretty bad migraine atm, but im hoping it'll go away so i can rest. fingers crossed. </3

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