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Tori Ton: yakitori izakaya

We've been fortunate enough here in Hawaii that our COVID numbers have allowed for limited dine-in opportunities. One of my favorites is Tori Ton, primarily a yakitori/skewer tavern with a few other yummy faves.

Love me a cold mug of draft beer

Seared saba (mackerel) is one of my faves: fishy aroma and taste.

Izakaya are full of nibbles to accompany your adult beverages. One of my faves is french fries and I'm sticking to it!

Not the combo you'd see on the menu at Applebee's. I ain't wasting my dollars there.

There are a few good yakitori places in town but I think Tori Ton is my fave. Authentic and wonderfully boisterous inside, even with seating limited due to pandemic protocols.

The other item that Tori Ton has that the others don't is ODEN. Go do a search: fishcake simmered in dashi broth. Yeah Hawaii is warm and humid most of the year but when the temperatures drop this *really* hits the spot.

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