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Why I’ve joined SpaceHey

Recently dabbling with the interest of the Gemini protocol which if you don’t know is a alternative to html which is just basic text more of what the internet use to be like before ads, cookies and filled with crap, just pure written content. I was after a social platform similarly to it but there isn’t one on Gemini so I was stuck, until now I found SpaceHey. It ticks all the boxes currently for what I’m after. Blogging, Bulletins & RSS! The simpler days but back in 2021-2022!

Nothing is forced in your face it’s your choice of the content you want to see. There is no algorithm figuring out what content you want, it is down to you to find it giving it a sense of meaning and adventure on a social media platform again.

The whole bloat of todays social media is sickening to me, it normally is posted full of false news crap and a high amount of advertisements that we don’t need that many I’m sure. 

I just want a simple social site where I post blog related things and probably rants and anything else this platform brings.

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I agree!

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